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[How-To Guide] Schedule Post In WordPress 3.0.2

WordPress offer lot of feature and some feature help you to increase productivity and allow you to do other work.

Let say, for example: you go out on a vacation and do not want to leave your readers with same old article till you come back. So in that case what you’ll do? The answer to this problem is to use scheduling post feature of WordPress.

Scheduling post feature of WordPress allow you to update your blog on regular basis and help you to keep up good reputation among readers and offer them to come to your blog on regular basis.

Before offering you step-by-step guide I assume that you’ve already written a post.

Step-by-Step Guide To Schedule Post For Future Use

Step1: Log-in your wp-admin panel.

Step2: Go-to Posts and post you want to Schedule.

Step3: After selecting post, on right-hand side (as shown below). Click on Edit Button.


Step4: Now “set date and time” when you want to publish the post and click on “ok” button.


Step5: After clicking on “ok” button you’ll see “schedule button”. Hit schedule button to schedule the required post.


Now you can do whatever you like as you’ve scheduled the post. Meanwhile do let us know that it is good or bad to use schedule post feature in WordPress??

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