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[WordPress 3.1 Feature] Internal Linking in WordPress 3.1

Already in earlier post I have shared, WordPress team released WordPress 3.1 and this release power WordPress with more new features. I’m working on to explore more and more features of WordPress 3.1 and try my level best to cover up as many as feature I find in WordPress 3.1. Here is the first feature i.e., Internal Linking.

This is one of the feature WordPress lack in earlier versions and as a blogger or webmaster every time we try to link earlier posts to recently published post. This feature allows user(s) to easily search related post from previously published posts and in no time you can quickly link earlier posts. This link feature available in Visual Editor and I will guide you how to use this link feature in WordPress 3.1

How to Use Internal Linking

Step1: In new post, type a text (for me it is WebGuide4U) and link this text as shown below:


Step2: Now you will easily interlinks your old post if you know the direct URL otherwise you can use “Search” bar to search for relevant post (that post you want to link). I’m using post Dreamhost $97 Discount Coupon For February as shown below:


Step3: As soon as you click on “Add Link” button (in step2), it will simply add this post to text WebGuide4U (as in step1).

Find this feature useful, subscribe to WebGuide4U feeds and follow WebGuide4U on Twitter to get complete features of WordPress 3.1 in detail.

Drawbacks of this Internal Linking

  • Not available in HTML editor
  • Require you to use right keyword.

If you have ay query do let me know in comment section or get in touch using Free WordPress Installation Service.

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