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iThemes Builder 3.3.0 Released – Download Now

iThemes released a fresh and updated version of iThemes Builder, i.e., Builder 3.3.0. This new version is fully compatible with upcoming version of WordPress – WordPress 3.3. In addition to this, it is also compatible with BuddyPress 1.5.


This new version comes with new features like WordPress 3.3 help system, theme feature setting for disabling header flush, allows you to move builder admin bar link to the left side of the search box, enable views for custom taxonomies and many more. Apart from adding new features several bugs and fixes have been done in this new version like 2 typo errors fixed, some generated links that stayed http when the site is loaded in https, removal of all instances of templatepath and stylesheetpath. Below you can see some of the highlights of updated version of Builder 3.3.0.

Highlights of the version update include:

  • Compatibility fixes with BuddyPress 1.5: This is a fix in conjunction with fixes applied to the Builder BuddyPress integration plugin available in the member area. Make sure that you upgrade the plugin to the latest release, current version 0.0.6.
  • Enabled Views for custom taxonomies.
  • Added support for WordPress 3.3 help system.
  • Added theme feature setting for disabling Builder’s header flush.
  • Builder admin bar link moved to the left of the Search box.
  • Remove all instances of TEMPLATEPATH and STYLESHEETPATH as WordPress 3.3 will deprecate them.
  • Fix a Settings page typo for a link to the Layouts editor.
  • Fix a CSS typo in the Slider Extension.
  • Fix some generated links that stayed http when the site is loaded in https.

Isn’t it a great time to upgrade Builder to latest version? Still thinking do not think and download the latest version of iThemes Builder right now:

Download Link for iThemes Builder 3.3.0

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to follow WebGuide4U on Twitter for more updates on iThemes Builder 3.3.0.


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