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NextGEN Pro 1.0.9 Beta Released

A new version of NextGEN Pro plugin released – NextGEN Pro 1.0.9 Beta and it is available for download in members area. It is suggested to all users that they must not update NextGEN plugin to latest version as it may contain some bugs and wait for stable version of NextGEN Pro plugin. If you want to try NextGEN Pro plugin, then you can try it at your own risk and make sure that you do not use this plugin on your live or main site. Before updating NextGEN Pro plugin to latest version make sure that you backup your files & database its because if something goes wrong then you can easily backup your files & database in a single click.

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Below you can find the number of changes made in the latest version of NextGEN Pro plugin.


NextGEN Pro 1.0.9 Beta – What’s New?

New: Pro Lightbox may be applied to non-NGG images

New: Pro Lightbox appearance now configurable with two presets, “Light” and “Dark”

New: Added Slideshow and Transition Speed settings for Pro Lightbox

New: Added “faux fullscreen” mode for browsers that don’t support native fullscreen

New: Provide instructions after activation for enabling the Pro Lightbox

New: Ability to choose display type for galleries within Pro Albums

New: Grid albums are responsive

New: Added NextGEN Gallery version detection for compatibility reasons

Changed: Auto-update modules shared across Photocrati products (NextGEN Pro + Photocrati Theme)

Fixed: Addressed many performance concerns with Pro Lightbox

Fixed: The ability to view galleries within albums that have numeric names

Fixed: Generate thumbnails if they don’t exist before trying to use them

Fixed: Properly enqueue scripts/styles to avoid “did it wrong” errors from WordPress

Fixed: Toggle-fullscreen button now toggles its icon-type correctly when users leave fullscreen

Fixed: Slideshows/filmstrips jumping to top left corner when clicking on the image

Fixed: Check existence of transient before rendering gallery

Fixed: Don’t apply Pro Lightbox to images that specify a non-existing target

Fixed: Filmstrip captions cutting off tall images

Fixed: Compatibility with third party plugins and themes that use FontAwesome

Fixed: Custom CSS stylesheets are now applied to the Pro Lightbox

Fixed: Pro Lightbox compatibility with Opera

Fixed: Increase minimum screen size for displaying trigger buttons

Fixed: Share original images with Pinterest

Fixed: Lightbox conflicts with Photocrati Theme

All these features and regular updates make NextGEN Pro a must have plugin for creating image gallery or showcasing your product in a unique style. So, for what you are waiting for, update NextGEN Pro plugin to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have NextGEN Pro plugin, then you can get it form here:

NextGEN Pro 1.0.9 Beta

If you have any query let me know via comments!

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