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PageLines 2.1 Released

Finally after a wait, PageLines 2.1 is released and you can download it from here. PageLines 2.1 comes with lots of new features that you’ll love. This version adds new default meta controls, a brand new Sharebar, support for integration with bbPress/BuddyPress and a bunch more. With 2.1, you’re site is going to be better than ever, so what you are thinking? Upgrade PageLines to latest version as soon as possible.


Meta Setting Defaults (New ‘Default’ Meta Settings)

Since PageLines 2 came out, we’ve had a ton of requests for a way to set defaults for ‘meta-settings’ or page-by-page framework options. The reason for this is because often people want to set something up ‘site-wide’ and tweak on an individual page basis. That’s why we’ve built this functionality into version 2.1. Now you’ll be able to set up your sections in the global defaults panel, and these settings will be overridden if set on a individual page or post.

New Sharebar (New Social Bar & Options)

It simply used images and links as opposed to all those new fangled, javascripty, social sharing buttons you’ve been seeing. There are couple of new options added to go along with it, like a site hashtag, and ability to show/hide different social networks.

bbPress and BuddyPress

Our old friends bbPress, a popular WordPress forum, and BuddyPress, a social network for WordPress, are back. In the Store, you’ll now be able to find the bbPress for PageLines and BuddyPress for PageLines plugins both for free.

New Search Toggle

Overall, there were something like 200 code changes between 2.0 and 2.1. So again we can’t cover every little improvement. Also in 2.1 you’ll see a new search field, better color handling, improvements to thumbs, a bunch of new sorting functions, etc..

Template Names (New Template Naming)

We’ve also changed the naming convention for templates. In prior releases it’s always been something descriptive like ‘banner page’, ‘feature page, etc… This quickly became a problem with drag and drop, because the template wasn’t always representative. Since we can’t do that, the least we can do is change the template naming to not be descriptive. That’s why we’ve changed the template naming convention in 2.1.

Auto Upgrade

If you have an active Pro or Dev PageLines Framework account, you should see the upgrade notification in your WordPress admin. Simply follow the in-admin instructions to auto upgrade to 2.1

So, for what you are waiting for? Go, upgrade PageLines to latest version as soon as possible but before that, make sure you have a complete back-up, even though if you mess up with anything you can easily back-up your site. For back-up you can use BackupBuddy (My personal and recommended WordPress Backup Plugin)

Download Link PageLines 2.1

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