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[Guest Post] Most Popular CMS Systems

This is a Guest Post written by Alex L. If you would like to write for WebGuide4U, check out guest posting guidelines.

Content Management System is a software program, which help user in managing content of their websites easily & efficiently. User can store, create, edit, delete the content, which can be text, images, pictures or the other media files. A person who has limited technical knowledge can easily handle or use CMS as it does most of the tasks for you. There are so many types of CMS web design software available in the market today. Among them, some are very famous due to their quality features and use of ease.


Today WordPress, Joomla & Drupal are some of the most famous and extensively used CMS on the Web. Looking briefly on these famous CMS’s:


WordPress is an open source CMS, which is a well-known blogging platform which allow user to publish, manage and organize,  content of the website. In recent times, many companies have realized importance of using WordPress as CMS and it has become quite popular. It not only support web blog application but also has a rich suite of useful widgets and attractive themes. It also entails pingback and trackback features. WordPress web design is fully SEO friendly. It allow user to order content of their websites without any hesitation so that it get indexed by search engines very fast. It also facilitates user to customize the URLs means choosing of your custom domain name instead of sub-domain name thereby helping them pick up the most relevant keywords.


Joomla, a freely available open source CMS, which enable number of users to work, publish, manage and organize the content of website. Using Joomla you can very easily add some good features to your website. It is widely used throughout the globe to develop everything from simple, personal homepages to complex corporate web applications. This award-winning CMS also enable users to build online applications and makes uploading of content easy, fast and effective. It is one of the most famous and extensively used CMS on the Web. It is very easy to use and can be used for all kind of websites, from simple to complex. Joomla also has a great community support of Joomla developers and designers to solve all kind of Joomla related queries.


Drupal, freely available back-end CMS software package that allow anyone to easily publish, manage and organize the content on all kind of websites efficiently. It support thousands of people, organizations, RSS feeds and customizable layouts to power an endless variety of sites. Drupal is a PHP based CMS, which runs on every computing platform and SEO friendly. It has an extensible code base and a powerful theme management system. There is no need of special programming skill to install Drupal. Drupal development is the right choice for large websites with huge traffic.

Do share your views about CMS systems in comments section. Which CMS system you like most?

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  • Sharat

    Ya you are right. The above three CMS are great and most popular on internet. Most of the websites/blogs use the CMS mentioned above… Thanks for posting 🙂

    • rana

      yes Sharat you are right, mostly used is wordpress…

    • Thanks Sharat you like. CMS are the best to manage any website

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