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PremiumPress 30% Discount Coupon Code August 2012

PremiumPress WordPress theme club provides niche based theme for creating niche websites and by using these themes you can easily create any type of website without any knowledge of programming website in no time. PremiumPress offers many niche based themes like AgencyPress, ComparisonPress, RealtorPress, ResumePress, AuctionPress, ShopperPress, DirectoryPress, Classifieds Theme, EmployeePress and MoviePress.


All these theme allows you to create niche website pretty easy and membership sites in no time. In this post I’m sharing 30% discount coupon code of PremiumPress themes (all themes listed above) and this discount coupon code allows you to save lots of amount of money while buying these awesome & premium themes at cheaper price. If you are planning to create a niche website, then grab any theme according to your requirements and create niche website at cheaper price.

Sign-Up Link for AgencyPress || (Coupon Code: AUG30)

Sign-Up Link for ComparisonPress || (Coupon Code: AUG30)

Sign-Up Link for RealtorPress || (Coupon Code: AUG30)

Sign-Up Link for ResumePress || (Coupon Code: AUG30)

Sign-Up Link for AuctionPress || (Coupon Code: AUG30)

Sign-Up Link for ShopperPress || (Coupon Code: AUG30)

Sign-Up Link for DirectoryPress || (Coupon Code: AUG30)

Sign-Up Link for Classifieds Theme || (Coupon Code: AUG30)

Sign-Up Link for EmployeePress || (Coupon Code: AUG30)

Sign-Up Link for MoviePress || (Coupon Code: AUG30)

So, for what you are waiting for, get your copy of themes at cheaper price. If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with lots of unlimited & amazing features.

Bonus Offer

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