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Copyright Policy

This page is created to answer all the questions on how you can share WebGuide4U.com tutorials on personal blogs or sites.

If you ever found my tutorials appearing on some other sites, please contact me.

Here is the following list of things that you can do

  • Download or save the tutorial to your computer
  • Create a post with same title and summary but direct link to WebGuide4U.com for the full tutorial
  • State clearly that the tutorial is created by WebGuide4U.com
  • If you have special requests, such as publishing a full tutorial on a Print Magazine, please email me.

Here are the things that you cannot do

  • Claiming that you are the creator by not giving any credits to WebGuide4U.com
  • Translating and repost the full tutorial on your own site
  • Recreate the tutorial by simply replacing texts or stock images used previously
  • Making the tutorial into a video without asking for permission

We are happy to receive suggestions from our readers and friends.