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Project Bidding Theme Update v1.3.5

A new version of Project Bidding WordPress theme is released by Sitemile and this new version is an important & consistent update till date. It is recommended that you should update Project Bidding Theme to latest version as soon as possible but before updating Project Bidding Theme to latest version make sure you backup all your WordPress files. If you mess up with any of your theme files, then you can easily back it up in no time & that too in a single click.

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This new version comes with new features and below you can find the number of features added in this new version.

  • User Types Enhanced – The already known user separation was introduces since v1.3.0 but we felt that something was missing from this picture. Was a panel for the admin user to check all the user and control their types: service provider, or service contractor. The new update brings this new admin panel integrated straight into your wp-admin backend. You will be able to change the user type of any member of your website with a click of a button (the action is ajaxified). This new tool also allows you to easily search the userbase for a certain username.
  • New Hooks and Actions/Filters – Better than ever, the project theme, has introduced yet more hooks around the theme files. So now you have even more control over the structure and the looks of your child themes. We strongly recommend that any change you want to bring to the theme to be made through a child theme. This way you keep the parent theme (the project theme) unchanged and ready for a future update. The updates wont get you anymore head aches if you follow this recipe.
  • Last Bugs Ironed Out – We have spent countless hours testing the theme during last 2 weeks, and we have achieved a great thing: we ironed a lot of tiny bugs out. Still every time there is room for improvement and we are constantly improving the theme functions, and innovating to the community’s benefit.
  • Exciting New Stuff For The Future – For the next few weeks, we have prepared you even more good news. First we plan to keep this stream of updates, one every 2 weeks or 3 weeks. Secondly, we want to bring new features to the theme: we are already working on a extra payment gateways module, a mobile version module/extension, an affiliate extension, and integrate a custom form builder for user registration(currently can be done with a plugin). We are also going to modify the licenses for the theme, will make 2 types: basic and professional, and the professional version will have all these extensions included. The equivalent of professional version is the extra developer license we currently have for the project theme (costs $199).

Complete changelog of this newer version is listed below:

List of Updates/Changelog

  • Feature Added: user panel in admin menu, control user types
  • Feature Added: lots of hooks added for various pages, payments
  • Feature Added: Facebook and twitter connect buttons in register page
  • Bugs fixed: several bugs relating the credit system, and admin menu
  • Bugs fixed: hide project fee not charged sometimes in PayPal fixed
  • Bugs fixed: disabling Moneybookers not working fixed
  • Bugs fixed: provider search d-isplaying all users fixed
  • Feature Added: deposit through Moneybookers now possible
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Code optimizations and better configuration

All these features make this a must have theme? So, for what you are waiting for, update Project Bidding Theme to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have Project Bidding Theme, then get it from here.

Project Bidding Theme v1.3.5

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with lots of unlimited & amazing features.

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