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[How-To Guide] Recover WordPress Password

Already, I have cover some basic tutorial on WordPress in the form of how-to guides. Some of them are:

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Continuing in same series of basic tutorial on WordPress, this post focus on recovering password in WordPress.

Step1: First type URL of your blog and it is something like this:


Step2: After typing this URL in browser, you have been ask to give username and password (as shown below).

recover password+webguide4u+wordpress+domain-name+discount-coupon

Step3: In case, if you forget password and want to recover it, then click on “Lost your password” (as shown below).

recover password1+webguide4u+wordpress

Step4: After clicking on “Lost your password”, you have been redirect to new screen as shown below:

recover password2+webguide4u+wordpress+free-wordpress-installation

Step5: Now you have to type your email or username and click on “Get New Password” (as shown below).

recover password3+wordpress+discount-coupon+hostgator-discount-coupon

Step6: After hitting “Get New Password” button, you will see a new screen (as shown below). Now you have been ask to log-in into inbox and click on confirmation link.

recover password4+webguide4u+wordpress

Step7: After clicking on confirmation link in inbox you will see a new screen (as shown below). Now, you have to again check your inbox for new password.

recover password5+webguide4u+wordpress

Step8: In e-mail inbox you will get your username and password. Now simply put that username and password in required fields and log-in into wp-admin panel.

Step9: Congratulations, you have successfully recover your password and enjoy fearless blogging 🙂

If you face any problem while recovering password do let me know in comment section. You can also follow WebGuide4U on Twitter or like us on Facebook to get all the updates on WordPress Tutorials.

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  • It’s very simple to recover wordpress password. But you described it with screen-shots, this will help the newbies out there.

    • Yaa DJ Arif, its simple to recover but beginner’s doesn’t know about it, how to recover password.
      Thanks for commenting here

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