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[How-To Guide] Rename Admin Username In WordPress Using phpMyAdmin

After installing WordPress, by default WordPress assign “admin” username to administrator. For security reasons you have to make sure that no one can get access to your WordPress blog. To make sure that your WordPress blog is secure, you have to remove the default “admin” user from WordPress. Already I have shared a how to guide on creating new user in WordPress and now in this post I’m sharing a how to guide on renaming default admin user in WordPress.

Step1: Log-in into cPanel, go to “Databases” and select “phpMyAdmin” as shown below:

rename-user-wordpress+wordpress+rename-user+webguide4uStep2: When you click on “phpMyAdmin”, it open a new window (as shown below), now select “database”.


Step3: After selecting “database”, it open a new window (as shown below). Now, search for “wp_users” and click on “Browse” as shown below:


Step4: When you click on “Browse” it open a window, where you see users on this blog. Now simply click on “Pencil” button as shown below:


Step5: When you click on “Pencil” button, a new window open (as shown below). Now, select “user_login” and change “admin” to some other name, which is not easily guessed by anyone.


Step6: Congratulations, you have successfully rename the user in WordPress.

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  • I did this when I migrated my all Blogger blogs to WP but I think we should not do this if a small mistake happen all the data can crash…

    • Agree with you Saket, that if a single mistake would happen then it will create a lots of problem for you. But for security reasons you have top change the default admin username

      • So we can make a new user and give the admin access to that user and delete the admin user…

        • Agree with you Saket, we can do it via creating new user and delete the default admin user. But i don’t like to delete it just rename this user and start working on your blog

          • 😛 even I don’t like deleting… But preferable is to make new… But I don’t know why we should remove the admin username… 🙁 😛

          • Most bloggers use admin username and hackers know your username, and it becomes easy for them to hack your wordpress blog because you have already done the half of work for hackers. Only they need to crack your password 🙂

          • ohk, but I think in some of my blog it display the Username…
            like this one… http://in-face-book.sjbn.co

          • Saket will you explain it in detail so that i can solve your problem easily

          • I my blogs (In-Face-Book.SJbn.Co) it shows my username at when you click on “by ‘Saket Jajodia'” it will show the username in link…

          • Go to settings -> General. Change the Sitename and you will solve the problem easily.

          • You didn’t got I mean to say and actually I only didn’t explain it correctly… In my blog it shows username in link when you click on my name you will able to see for e.g. see this http://In-Face-Book.SJbn.Co/author/Jajodia.Saket/ here “Jajodia.Saket” is the username…

          • Sorry i didn’t get it earlier what your are pointing.
            So you want to remove this link from your site??

          • Anyways, Thanks for your effort and help. Leave it as it is will see if anything will happen… 😉 😛

          • No Problem in it, i will try my readers to get most from here. Don’t leave them as it is because it is harmful to you and your blog. Do check my mail which i have sent you.

          • Hey! Thanks a lot… 🙂

          • Anytime, Stay at WebGuide4U you will get more things to learn

  • Thanks for sharing it with us…

  • Raj

    I think the most easiest way is to make a new user and assign him as admin and delete earlier one.

    • Yes Raj, we can also do that but i don’t like to delete the default one rather than is to rename it

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