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[How-To Guide] Repair And Optimize WordPress Database

As a webmaster, it’s a nice thing to optimize blog’s database because optimizing a database improve the loading time of blog which indirectly improve’s the performance of database. Already many of them using WordPress plugins to optimize database but in this article I offer you a step-by-step guide to optimize database without using a WordPress plugin because already WordPress built-in Repair and Optimize functionality is available at the admin back-end.

Well you can check out this functionality by visiting


(replace http://www.educationguide4u.com/ with your real blog/site url).

Step1: Login to your wp-admin section by visiting http://www.educationguide4u.com/wp-login.php

repair and optimize database + database + wordpress

Step2: Now simply type http://www.educationguide4u.com/wp-admin/maint/repair.php in a new tab of your browser. After typing this URL and hitting enter button, it ask you to add a piece of code to WordPress wp-config.php file as shown below:

database+wordpress+wp-config.php+php+webguide4u+wordpress troubleshoot

Step3: Add this code to WordPress wp-config.php file


Step4: After adding this code just simply reload/refresh page and it will look like this:


Step5: Now you can see a page with two options (screen-shot of step4) first one is “Repair Database” and second one is “Repair and Optimize Database”. Click on any of the option.

Step5.1: If you click on “Repair Database” option, WordPress will automatically look for some common database problems and repair them automatically by executing SQL queries in WordPress database tables.

optimize database3

Step5.2: If you click on “Repair and Optimize Database” option, WordPress also attempt to optimize the database. this improves the performance in some situations.

optimize database4


Repairing and Optimizing database option can take long time and database can be locked while optimizing.

Hope this will improve your WordPress blog’s performance and let us know in the comments section if you face any problems while optimizing and repairing your WordPress Database.


Please backup your WordPress Database before making any action on database.

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