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[How-To Guide] Reset WordPress Password From PHPMyAdmin

In earlier posts, some basic tutorials covered to help you in getting started with WordPress:

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These basic tutorials make you familiar with WordPress. Already, I have offered how-to guide on Back-Up WordPress Database by Using PHPMyAdmin and now in this post I offer you a step-by-step guide on resetting password from PHPMyAdmin.

Step1: Log-in into cpanel by typing


Step2: Now in cPanel, click on PHPMyAdmin option as shown below:

reset password+phpmyadmin+webguide4u+wordpress+download+domain-name

Step3: Now, in PHPMyAdmin you need to select database from left hand side.

Step4: After Selecting database look for file name wp_users (as shown below) and click on it.

reset password1+wordpress+webguide4u+phpmyadminStep5: In navigation tab click on “Browse” and after it click on “pencil icon” as shown below:

reset password2+wordpress+webguide4u

Step6: Clicking on “pencil icon”, open a new screen (as shown below):

reset password3+webguide4u+wordpress+photoshop

Step7: To reset password you have to edit user_pass field value. In above field (marked by 2) it contain random characters in password field.

WordPress automatically offer a lot of security options and try to lower the loop holes for hackers. The reason for random characters is that WordPress store password in MD5 HASH format than storing it in plain text.

Step8: WordPress store password in MD5 HASH format, which mean you are not allowed to enter password in plain text. To reset password you need MD5 generators, such as JavaScript MD5 (convert plain text into MD5 format as shown below).

reset password4+webguide4u+wordpress+seo+reset+password+web-2.0

For me the plain text is “WebGuide4U” and the result (as shown above in random characters)

Step9: Now copy result and paste this value in user_pass field on right hand side (as shown below){compare the value in step6 and step9 you find the difference}. After pasting new value click on “Go” button to reset the password.

reset password5+password+webguide4u+wordpress+reset-password+phpmyadmin

Step10: Congratulations, you have successfully reset the WordPress Password from PHPMyAdmin.

Let me know if you have any question?


PHPMyAdmin is a powerful tool, so use it with care and if you are unable to reset password then hire me, I will do it for you.

Remember, if some data lost, then don’t blame me. This guide is for advanced users only, not for newbie.

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