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[Review] Simple Page Tester WordPress Plugin

As an affiliate marketer you know creating landing pages helps you to increase sales in no time. To check out which page is performing well and which one is not, you split or do a A/B test. A/B testing is a process where you serve different versions of your page to different visitors to determine which one is more effective. Being in affiliate marketing I know the importance of landing pages and editing them is always a hassle work for me. From last couple of months I’m searching an easy way to accomplish this task and came across this awesome plugin – Simple Page Tester Plugin.

Simple Page Tester lets you easily split test posts and pages in WordPress without having to edit a single line of code. It is a premium WordPress Plugin which is aimed to take the complicated task of split testing, an activity that is crucial to your success as a webmaster online and make it as simple as possible.

The best thing I like about this plugin is that, it is simple to setup and in no time start a split test, all you have to choose an existing page. After choosing existing page, you have to choose any option listed below:

  • Duplicate the page
  • Create a fresh page to test again
  • Choose another existing page

All you have to choose any of the above mentioned option and testing is done and declare one page as the winner. Now, when you declare one page as the winner, the winning page becomes the new master page and the old variation is deleted for you. Isn’t it simple? So, for what you are waiting for, go get it right now:

Sign-Up Link for Simple Page Tester WordPress Plugin

How it Works

Now you have purchased this awesome page testing plugin and below you see a handy guide to use this plugin. After installing the plugin you will be able to:

  • Conduct really simple split testing with a step by step interface
  • Run split tests without having to insert lines of code into your templates
  • Track your results easily with goals in Google Analytics
  • Declare the winner of your split test and have it automatically morph into the master page while removing the other variation (saving you the clean up)


As already mentioned above, it is a premium WordPress plugin and like other plugins it is not too costly as compared to other plugins. I’m dam sure that you never regret by purchasing this awesome plugin, Like I mentioned above, Simple Page Tester will help you to split test your posts and pages to obtain the optimum version and help you to improve your website & maximize conversion. This plugin comes with only one license, i.e., standard license and with every copy of this plugin you get

  • Upgrades For Life
  • Unlimited Sites License
  • Full Instruction Manual

Originally, this plugin costs $37 but for limited time it costs only $27, so hurry-up to grab this offer as soon as possible and save lots of amount of money.


Even though if you are not sure that, this plugin will accomplish the task as committed by this plugin, no need to worry it comes with 30 days money back guarantee and that too 100% money back guarantee.

Author’s View

I’m in affiliate marketing and I know how important is split testing when it comes to unlock the hidden products locked in landing pages, sign-up forms and many more. Simple Page Tester WordPress Plugin will split tests on your website or blog and it is guaranteed that you achieve never expected results in quick time its because the complicated task of split testing is an activity crucial to your success as a webmaster online and made it as simple as possible by Simple Page Tester WordPress Plugin, so for what you are waiting for, go get it right now:

Sign-Up Link for Simple Page Tester WordPress Plugin

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with lots of unlimited and amazing features.

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