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[Review] Techinline Remote Support Application

TechinLine is a remote desktop software as it supports remote desktop sharing and file transfer on firewalls and proxy. It is regarded as an easy to use remote support tools in the marketplace as compared to others. With TechinLine, the next generation remote desktop access tool it makes remote computer access and support much easier. It is convenient, affordable, secure and reliable and many business are now using TechinLine to resolve and diagnose problems.

As you know I offer many WordPress services that includes remote support also and if you believe me it is one of the best remote access tool I find it as there are no hassle free connections between remote computers over the web and to any point on the globe, all connections established are enabled instantaneously, securely and without a hitch.

Below I’m sharing number of features why I recommend using TechinLine as one remote desktop software.

Features & Pricing

TechinLine comes in two versions – unlimited usage and pay-per-session. Unlimited usage plan which allows unlimited number of single sessions over a specified period of time, all you have to pay for this in advance and it costs $30 per month. If you are planning to use it for long term then you will get discount also and the pay-per-session plan allows users to pay each time whenever a new session starts. Pay-Per-Session is ideal for those who access computers remotely and this plan starts at $2.40 per sessions. After getting an account with TechinLine, all you have to do is to email your customer the 6-digit TechinLine code with the link provided. After the code is entered you will be able to easily drag and drop files, view or control the customer’s desktop and exchange chats. You can customize the colors and logos the customers will see when they log into support sessions.

Security & Reliability

TechinLine is both reliable and secure remote PC access software program and pretty well knows that security and reliability are essential to the success of any business. With remote PC access system there is an extensive amount of file transfers and sharing of private information which makes security even more important. TechinLine offers 128-bit SSL encryption for all remote desktop sessions. In addition to this, there is no information stored on the TechinLine side, which ensures that private information is kept private. The best thing I like about this techinline is that, it does not use AES encryption code, it uses only SSL/TLS encryption is used. techinline also uses an internet security company called Comodo to protect any private data. the customer can end the session at any time simply by clicking “Stop”. the commands are easily labeled and you should feel comfortable using this remote software.

Help And Support

TechinLine offers a detailed FAQ section for all users which covers a wide variety of common issues and if you do not find any support for specific issue, then you can contact their support team through email or phone support. All customer inquires are guaranteed to be answered within 12 hours by their representatives (as all of them are well-informed and friendly).


As mentioned above it is one of the most reliable and innovative remote PC access software available in the market today as it offers convenience, reliability and security for those who want or need access to their computers from a remote location. It is an alternate way to improve the bottom line, improve productivity to maintain a successful business.


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