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[Review] Turn Your WordPress Blog Into Native iPhone App Using WiziApp

WordPress – most popular blogging platform and already I have shared a infographic which clearly shows that it is best as compared to Drupal and Joomla. The best thing I like about WordPress is that it offers you lots of plugins and themes and by using themes and plugins, in no time you can easily set-up professional website and start online business pretty easy.

Now, you have setup your website, its time to transform your WordPress powered blog into a mobile phone app like iPhone app, so that it becomes easy for everyone to access it from anywhere. To transform your blog into a native iPhone app, there is a WordPress plugin which does this task pretty easy – WiziApp.


WiziApp is a powerful WordPress Plugin which enables you to enjoy all native iPhone app benefits like App Store exposure, native user experience for your audience and that too without hassles of dealing with development process of technical issues.

The best thing I like about WiziApp is that, its seamless integration between your blog and your own native iPhone app. All you have to download it and follow simple configuration steps and in no time your app is ready. In addition to this, WiziApp is fully integrated with the WordPress admin panel, which means your posts, images, videos and galleries are all displayed in a native iPhone user interface that includes comment system and push notification services for maximum communication with your audience.

By using WiziApp, you can also monetize it pretty easy, its on you whether you would like to keep it “Ads Free”, or monetize it by displaying ads using AdMob account.


01. Native User Experience

WiziApp offers a good user experience as it is easily integrated with WordPress and delivers all content including posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, links, images, videos and audio files to your iPhone app and that too in real time. In addition to this, it also runs and maintain Push Notification Service which allow you to notify your audience about new posts as they get posted.

02. Viewing, Reading and Sharing Your Posts

By clicking on the “Latest” tab on your app menu, your readers will be able to view and read all your posts. Posts that contain images and videos will have automatically been scaled to suit iPhone display resolution. By using native controllers, you can also enable your readers to save your posts to their ‘favorites’ list, view and post comments, change font size and move between posts quickly and easily. In addition to this, you can also share your posts via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.

03. Browsing, Viewing and Sharing Your Images

From “Album” tab your readers will be easily able to conveniently navigate between your galleries and view images and pictures. In addition to this, each gallery includes a thumbnail screen of images and clicking on a thumbnail will open the image to view full view using native images viewer. They can also share them with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.

04. Browsing, Watching, and Sharing Your Video and Audio files

All the Video and Audio files you have posted on your blog will be conveniently stored under “Video” or “Audio” library, where your audience can easily browse, watch, or listen directly from the app and using our advanced player.

05. Navigation

Your audience can navigate your App to relevant blogs by using the Tags or categories you created in your WordPress blog.

06. Push Notifications

Your audience and fans can be notified about new posts in real time, using Apple Push Notification service, run and maintained by WizziApp. Customize the Push notifications to appear as Badge, Sound, and/or Text alert.

07. Stats and Data

Keep track of your app! See daily Appstore stat updates, including visits and downloads, directly from your WordPress control panel.

08. Stay up dated

Save money on maintenance and upgrades! WiziApp’s service license includes lifetime support and upgrades at no extra cost – so you can keep your app up-to-date with the latest iOS and WordPress features as well as our own new features!

Isn’t it all these features make it a impressive app as compared to others? Still thinking to get this, then I suggest do not think, get it right now:

Download Link for WiziApp

Till now, I’ve stated features and an overview of this useful app, many of you like and planning to use in on your blog. But what about others, there are still some doubts left. To make all your doubts and questions clear, I’m sharing some facts & statistics which clearly shows the importance of having such a good app:

  • 200 million iOS users have already downloaded 15 billion apps to date. That’s 75 apps per person!!
  • iOS Users spend an average of 74 minutes each day using native apps.
  • iOS Users spend an average of only 10 minutes each day on mobile web browsing. That’s 86% less time spent on browsing!
  • People use native apps because they truly are the simplest, fastest and most convenient way to access content.

Now with such mind-blowing numbers, isn’t it bad we don’t use it on WordPress blog?

Does WiziApp cost?

Yes, WiziApp is a premium WordPress Plugin which comes with a one-time setup fees of $199 or $19.09 per month. If you believe me, it is not just an amazing WordPress plugin, its going to become one of the most valuable piece of technology in your online business. Depending on your requirements, you can choose any of the mentioned plan.


I think, after a great reading about this amazing plugin, you are ready to use it on your blog. So for what you are waiting for, get it right now:

Download Link for WiziApp WordPress Plugin

Author View

I’m using WordPress from last 2+ years and like to mention that WordPress plugins may come and go but WiziApp is sure to be one that will be here for the long time. The best thing I like about this plugin is that, it transform your blog into a native iPhone app in no time and in addition to this, you can also monetize it pretty easily without any technical hassles.

I do not think none of the WordPress Plugin offers such things? I suggest you, get this plugin as soon as possible and increase revenue share in no time.

Download Link for WiziApp WordPress Plugin

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to share your views about this plugin via comments.

Disclosure: This is a review post, if you want your WordPress plugin or WordPress theme to be reviewed here, get in touch using contact form.


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