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RokPad 2 Joomla Extension From Rocket Theme

A new Joomla extension is released by Rocket Theme Club. This new extension is a powerful desktop-style editor for developers and its not a WYIWYG editor like Textmate, SublimeText or UltraEdit. This new extension is RokPad – it provide many features & capabilities that traditionally would only be found in a powerful desktop editor. RokPad provides advanced functions such as an AJAX saving action, syntax highlighting, configurable themes, multiple cursors and selections, shortcut keys, multiple language support and many other incredible features. The best thing I like about RokPad is that creating content becomes a pleasure not a chore. So, for what you are waiting for, grab RokPad now:

Sign-Up Link for RokPad

Below you can find the number of features that comes with RokPad:


  • Multiple cursors / selection – To start using multiple cursors, just hold down CMD on Mac or CTRL on Windows and click anywhere in the document where you want the additional cursor to be placed at. You can also perform a vertical selection by holding down the OPT/ALT key.
  • Universal Tag Insertion – The Universal Tag Insertion ([icon]) shortcode is a preset of shortcode that allows to quickly type an open-closed tag (div, p, li, etc…) very fast.
  • Extended Buttons with Multiple Selection – The Multiple Cursors functionality allows Joomla! Extended Buttons to gain advantage from it, without doing anything. In fact, you just need to have multiple selections and you can, for example, drop a RokCandy Macro mutliple times in one single go!
  • Advanced Search and Replace – The Search and Search & Replace is increadibly advanced in RokPad. You can find a term whitin a selection, find all the terms in the document, replace, use RegExp and more.
  • 20+ Custom Themes – RokPad provides 20+ themes that you can choose from to customize your code editor view. Are you a fun of dark themes? Not a problem.
  • Fold/Unfold of Code – Sometimes having to deal with a lot of HTML in the editor, might cause some confusion. With the Folding/Unfolding of Code functionality, you can easily collapse tags and get in the ‘distraction free’ mode that you need.

All these features and many more features make this a must have Joomla Extension, so for what you are waiting for, get RokPad now:

Download RokPad Joomla Extension From Rocket Theme

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to share this with your friends also.

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