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ShapeShifter 2 WordPress Theme From ThemeForest

ShapeShifter 2 is a premium WordPress Theme from ThemeForest Marketplace which is designed by Epicera. It is a responsive theme which is idle for creating portfolio or microblog niche website easily. It is a well organized theme which offers you complete freedom and comes with features like 3 minimal skins, flexible layout design, powerful responsive framework, ouch gestures even work on the slider, dynamic sidebar, filterable portfolio and gallery system, individual skinnable PSD files, extensive documentation, perfect display on any resolution and many more.




  • Fully Responsive WordPress Theme and Theme-Options Manager
  • The Super Skeleton UI Kit (Exclusive Freebie PSD )
  • 3 Minimal skins and 2 fontstacks to start with. (Adding 100+ skins is really silly if you ask me ;) )
  • Individual Skinnable PSD files for all major UI elements
  • Organized CSS files, including easy to use Media-Queries sections.
  • Filterable Portfolio/Gallery system
  • Non-Obtrusive JavaScript. All major site elements work even on old browsers.
  • The basics: lightbox, image overlay effects, CSS3 (coded to work or degrade gracefully on old browsers), form elements, brandable footer, etc. Everything you would expect from a premium HTML framework.
  • Extensive Documentation
  • A Host of new responsive features not seen in previous SS themes
  • Unique Single Page side scrolling menu system.
  • WayPoints plugin for scrolling location detection.
  • Dynamic Sidebar space.
  • Brand new styling across the entire theme, all built on the Skeleton core, so it’s perfect whether you’re new to SS or are transitioning from another SuperSkeleton theme.
  • A brand new, responsive “To the Top” plugin, perfect for long pages on cell phones.

Isn’t it a great theme for creating portfolio websites? Like this theme, then get it right now:

Sign-Up Link for ShapeShifter 2 WordPress Theme

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