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SlideDeck 2 Released

Finally after a wait, SlideDeck 2 is released and this new version is redesigned & rebuild from the ground up to evolve the huge potential in content sliders. By using this plugin you can easily create and format your content one slide at a time. In addition to this, you can add a beautiful layer of design over your existing content from the web. The best thing I like about SlideDeck 2 is that, it allows you to create stunning content sliders for your WordPress website in minutes.


Slidedeck 2 intelligently formats your content to display it in its best light, whether you’re showing blog posts, shots from your Flickr account, a YouTube video, and almost anything in-between. If you’re the hands-on type, deep customization options give you even greater control over how your content appears to your visitors. So, for what you are waiting for, get it right now:

Download Link for SlideDeck 2.0

If you are still thinking, then check out the new features you get with every copy of SlideDeck 2.0


  • Decks – SlideDeck 2 handles images, posts, video, social and RSS content
  • Dynamic Content Sources – Includes support for over a dozen different content sources around the web, including Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter – with more on the way
  • Design Lenses – Comes with 7 beautiful and highly configurable slider styles that offer over 29 million possible combinations
  • Awesome WordPress admin interface – an intuitive and gorgeous admin area that makes creating and managing your SlideDecks a breeze. SlideDeck’s interface was crafted to be easy, beautiful, and fun to use.
  • Covers – Encase your sliders within beautifully-styled title and ending slides, just like an interactive book. Attract your viewers with a beautiful Cover. Customizable Covers allow you to make a big first impression with your SlideDeck – and finish with a strong call-to-action
  • Content Sources – SlideDeck 2 is built with your pre-existing content in mind. Easily connect to your favorite sources and quickly create beautiful SlideDecks.
  • Configurable Lenses – Use Lenses to place a layer of beautiful design over your content: The Lenses in SlideDeck 2 allow for tremendous customization while maintaining a high level of usability.
  • Overlays – Enable interaction with your external content from within your website. Overlays allow users to share links to your SlideDecks, with additional Content Source-specific functionality on the way.
  • Live Previews – See your changes on-the-fly. Live Previews from within the WordPress admin means that you can see the changes to your SlideDeck in real-time without endless “saving & previewing.”
  • Helpful Customer Support – Help is never far away. As a SlideDeck 2 user, you’ll get support from the same developers who coded it line-by-line.
  • Works in a Range of Sizes – We designed SlideDecks to look great in any part of your website. Find a size to use in your Header, Sidebars, Footers, and posts.
  • Google Fonts – Typography is an important piece to beautiful designs. We support Google Fonts to let you thoughtfully craft your SlideDecks.
  • Slide Transitions – Transitions get noticed. Choose the transition style that suits your story and capture your visitors’ attention.
  • Touch & Keyboard Interaction – Keep users engaged by allowing them to interact with your SlideDeck through touch and keyboard commands.
  • Free Minor Version Upgrades – We’re always looking to improve SlideDeck. You’re secure in your purchase for future updates and feature additions within a minor version.
  • Automatic Updates – Staying updated with the current version of SlideDeck is super simple. No need to find upgrade emails, or install the software manually. Upgrade from within the WordPress Admin with just one click.
  • Color Options – Most of our lenses come with a dark and light variation to be flexible for any implementation. For the lenses with accent colors, use our color picker to give your SlideDeck some style.
  • Shortcodes – Embed your SlideDeck into a post or page for a more custom implementation. Simply paste your shortcode directly into your WordPress template to inject a SlideDeck into your Headers, Footers, and Sidebars.

All these features and many more make SlideDeck 2.0 a must have plugin. In addition to this, if you are not happy, you get refund within 14 days of your purchase and if you’re unable to install the plugin, or if you encounter a critical bug and you’ve worked with us to try to resolve these issues. So, what are you thinking now? Have you picked up your copy of SlideDeck 2 yet? If not, then get it right now:

Download Link for SlideDeck 2.0

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with lots of unlimited and amazing features.

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