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Social Warfare V2.2.0 Plugin Released; Comes As A Standalone Free Plugin

Social Warfare has announced the latest version of their plugin and it is updated to version 2.2. Starting from today, the Social Warfare 2.2 is a standalone free plugin and all the premium features will come in the form of a separate “Pro” add-on which can be downloaded from the website. With this transformation, the Social Warfare plugin is free and he first add-on comes with same set of features that you’re using in premium license. The first add-on called as Social Warfare Pro.

Social Warfare Plugin V2.2

If you are already using a premium license of Social Warfare, then nothing is changed. You have to simply update the Social Warfare Plugin to latest version 2.2.0 and after that download the Social Warfare – Pro add-on. Install it and activate it just like for any plugin you doing. Once you activate the Social Warfare – Pro add-on, all your premium features, settings and configurations will return exactly the way you had them before.

Apart from the Social Warfare – Pro, there are number of add-ons that will come sooner, some of them listed below:

  • Social Follow
  • Shortcode Expansion
  • Social Analytics
  • AffiliateWP Sharing
  • Advanced Button Display
  • Pop-ups and Fly-ins

The 2.2.0 update will comes with number of performance enhancements, bug fixes and improvements. below you can find the number of changes made in the Social Warfare Plugin.


  • Refactored all of the Open Graph and Twitter Card output logic.
  • Broke the meta tags into two filters. One creates the values. The second compiles them into HTML for output. This can allow people to hook in and change specific values on the fly via an add_filter() call.
  • Refactored all of the cache functions.
  • Added a function to clean out meta fields that are no longer used or needed.
  • Added a check for invalid responses from Facebook’s API
  • Adjusted the default logic and fallback color system for the side custom color option.
  • Refactored the Pinterest image logic.
  • Add an undefined check for swpPinit to avoid JS notices in the admin area.
  • Fixed an undefined index notice.
  • Removed all non-public post types from the display locations settings.
  • Added a homepage specific location setting.
  • Added a function to make the plugin not duplicate share counts when duplicating a post via the Duplicate Post plugin.
  • Consolidated some functions and files for more consistent organization.
  • Fixed Google Click/Event Tracking
  • Modify the hover pin so it’s not created until after all images have finished loading.
  • Fixed the raw share text from sometimes showing up in excerpts.
  • Make the buttons not output on posts embedded into other posts (like embedded recipes).
  • Patch to prevent buttons from being added to a post more than once.
  • Remove the “active” index to prevent certain notices.
  • Fixed custom color outlines on hover.
  • Fixed an issue with double dividers on the admin options page.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Facebook counts to disappear.
  • Fixed the http/https share recovery for pages.

As said above, the social warfare plugin comes with number of add-ons and features. So, for what you are waiting for? Update the plugin to latest version as soon as possible. If you do not own a premium license, then you can purchase one by following the link below:

Social Warfare Plugin V2.2.0


The only thing you have to keep in mind is that, you have to update Social Warfare plugin to 2.2.0 before activating the Social Warfare – Pro add-on.

If you have any query let me know via comments!

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