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Swift v6.2.0 Released

A new version of Swift Themes is released – Swift v6.2.0. This new version comes with lot of new features and make it even more easy to use. This new version make designing your site a fun job and you may even have a chance to make money selling your color schemes in future. Sounds interesting? So, for what you are waiting for update Swift Themes to latest version as soon as possible.

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Featured Added in Swift Themes v6.2.0

Color Schemes Page

The major addition to this version is the color schemes page. In Swift, when you select any color scheme, colors of various elements from the selected color scheme are loaded into Swift color options page. Thus giving you the ability to fine tune the color scheme to your liking, to match your company colors without any need for template edits.

1. Color shown below the menu are the colors used in your current color scheme. You can use this to merge the colors that are very close. When you use too many similar colors it will have a jarring effect on the readers. This little tool will help you solve that problem, and guide you through the customization process.

2. Color column shown next to each screenshot is generated automatically including every color used in the theme.  This will give you a overview of the color scheme.

Distraction free color options

Though the ability to customize every element of the page is a good thing, when you have lot of colors to select it can be a time taking process and sometimes very confusing. To address this problem, we made a major change to the color options page. All the color options are hidden behind small and cute labels, you can pick the section whose colors you want to change and edit them without getting distracted from other sections or editing one section instead of the other.

Other improvements,changes and bug fixes in this version are

  1. After you save the theme options, you won’t be taken to the default first tab. You will stay on the tab you were editing.
  2. Made some changes to default colors and fonts to improve the look of the theme.
  3. Updated many translatable string and made more string translatable.
  4. Fixed a bug with the responsive layout.
  5. Changed the top margin of flex slider from 20 to 10px.
  6. Fixed a bug with text alignment.

All the above features, bug fixing make this theme a must have while creating a new blog or changing the design of your blog. If you haven’t updated Swift Theme to latest version, then update it now:

Swift Themes v6.2.0

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with comes lots of unlimited and amazing features.

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