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The Cinch Thesis 2.1 Skin From ThesisLove

The Cinch Skin is a premium Thesis skin from ThesisLove and it works on Thesis Framework. The Cinch Thesis Skin is specifically designed for business website, to showcase your work, portfolio, services in a unique and stunning way. It is an responsive Thesis Skin which comes which comes with features like:

It’s Responsive. It’s More Beautiful.

  • Facts say that today, more than 1.1 Billion of 5 the total 5 Billion are smartphones. That’s more than 20%. That said, it is no surprise when you see a hell lot of traffic on your site from mobile devices (browsers).
  • Cinch is one powerful giant that re-designs itself on any mobile device such that the person viewing the site has everything as clear as a desktop – right in front of his eyes.
  • The times of using plugins and other 3rd party tools to make your site responsive are now vanished into air!

Pixel Perfect Typography. Period.

  • Steve Jobs, the man who made typography on screens so awesome, once quoted that “It was beautiful, historical, artistically subtle in a way that science can’t capture, and I found it fascinating.”.
  • That clearly proves the fact that Typography, in some or the other way, plays with the human psychology.
  • Cinch assures that your site keeps a constant, font-based, pixel-to-pixel typography that makes it look perfectly artistic, as Jobs says, in your readers’ eyes.

Customization – It’s All Over The Moon

  • Knowing the fact that you can make your site unique and different from any other site that uses Cinch is reason to be happy by itself.
  • Cinch comes in with a tonne of options that let you customize your site to suit your needs. This includes customizing elements such as the content headlines, the ShoutOut box and much more.
  • All these options completely avoid the need of one having to know some code – because you don’t have to deal with code anymore. You have to deal with options such as “yes/no” and “semi-bold/bold”!

The Cinch Skin — Simplicity. Defined.

According to release notes,

The Cinch Skin

“From explicit typography to sensational responsiveness, Cinch has it all. It’s a complete package that any site owner would love to have. Cinch makes the designing part of your site so easy that you’ll be left with more than required time to focus on the content. Cinch makes it a high priority for you to customize the site as you please so.

Cinch Is More Than A Design. It’s a Saga – take the journey and reveal it’s ultimate treasure

Cinch is something you would be proud to have on your site. It’s not just another skin that you install and get a blog running – it’s a design that will make your site stand out of competition. With a range of custom advanced and customizable boxes and widgets to a beautiful, clean and to-the-point design, Cinch guarantees top quality and efficient results i.e. leads, traffic, SEO etc. on your site.”

All these features and many more features make The Cinch Thesis 2.1 Skin a must have Thesis Skin for creating business or portfolio website. So, for what you are waiting for? Grab The Cinch Thesis 2.1 skin right now:

The Cinch Skin From ThesisLove

If you have any query let me know via comments!

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