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Tips To Pick Up Good Domain Name

One of the most essential and important step toward building a brand name (online) is to have a good and best domain name because it indirectly help you to meet success in no time. Remember that the domain name work as brand name of your website/product so think about it before going to buy, don’t rush for the first name that comes in mind.

I know that domain name selection will be getting tougher and tougher these days as more and more domain name getting snapped up in no time. As an SEO Consultant I highly recommend you to buy old domain name but if you are unable to buy old domain name, then choose the best domain name option available that suit the niche of your blog.

If you want me to choose the good and most effective domain name then you can hire me. I will take care of all the things and spend a valuable and important time in choosing better and most effective domain name possible for your website which can easily be found with Search Engine Optimization and contain keywords.

I know this thing, that most of you will underestimate or just ignore importance of picking up the right and good domain name and I urge you to take it as seriously as you can because it play a major role in success or failure of your online business/product.

Getting good domain name is not as hard as you thought off, but it is an art of making out the best from the available options.

Remember that your domain name is the center of your internet identity, so take all the things into consideration before choosing domain name because it will represent you on the Web”.

Here are some of the tips that make the best domain name:-

  • It is memorable, i.e., easy to remember.
  • Easy to pronounce.
  • Don’t pick-up the domain name that has nothing to do with your website.
  • Domain name should not be too long, the longer the name the harder it becomes to remember.
  • Too short name also doesn’t make the trick.
  • Must contain few keywords that relate to the niche of your website.
  • Domain name must be SEO friendly.
  • If the required domain name is not available then you may also use hyphens.
  • Prefer .com extension first if not available then go for .net or .org, etc.
  • Protect your name by registering multiple extensions (.net, .org, etc.). This will deter people from copying your name.
  • Able to put a small shadow on visitor’s mind what it will be all about.
  • Good domain name will help you get traffic to your site, and this traffic indirectly boost the income of your site.


In the end I would like to say that spend a little time before picking up the best domain name for your website or you can take help of domain tools in finding the right domain. Still there are some real tricks which help you out in choosing an effective domain name using the keywords and if you need you can hire me, so that you can easily run a successful business before creating an excellent web presence.

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  • Vivek,

    A very nice and informative read…

    I also agree with you that a domain name can prove to be a vital aspect of the online presence of a website/brand. Many a time we also notice around the most wanted domains sold in thousands of dollars because of the name only 🙂

    I have recently purchased technolism.com. Lets see if it can attract crowds and following your tips here, I may make the most out of it 😀

  • My best wishes are with you you will definitely make the most out of it remember that “Content is the King and Marketing is the queen”

  • Nice tips, But i don’t agree with using hyphens in ur domain name because it may cause some potential errors than the names doesn’t have hyphens.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks Jimmy for the comment.
      Even though i’m not also in favor of using hyphen name in domain name. But someone stick with that particular domain name and that domain name is not available then he has to use hyphen so that he can get that particular domain name

  • Bligbook

    Thanks for the tips. next time i will surely take care of these things….

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