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[Guest Post] Top 5 Free WordPress Themes

This is a guest post written by Sathish. If you would like to write for WebGuide4U, check out guest posting guidelines here.

WordPress is a popularly used Content Management System (CMS) for blogging. It comes with various themes, some of which require payment but there is no shortage of free WordPress themes. Like with any product, or software, in the market, you will find quality of all sorts and so it is with WordPress themes. As such, even though what you are going for is free, it is still important to ensure that what you get is of good quality and will be efficient for the kind of blog you intend to create. Some of the top free WordPress themes include:


01. Copyblogger theme

Created by Chris Pearson, this WordPress theme has gone through a few modifications where now users can choose to either have two or three columns. Copyblogger is also said to be SEO friendly so you might want to consider this Open Source Candy WordPress theme.

02. Elements of SEO

The purpose of a blog is to communicate a message and incite a comment or reaction. For people to get to the blog the page needs to be appealing and this free theme is known to elicit exactly that. With professional looking themes, most businesses can benefit from this theme and it is easily compatible with any adjustments or additions that may come about.

03. ProSense

This is an easy theme to work with as it is effortlessly customizable and comes already integrated with Google Adsense. It is simple to create themes using ProSense and it has the added advantage of being SEO tailored. Use it to create your niche blog without worrying about content placement.

04. Arras Theme

A WordPress theme need not only be free but appealing as well and Arras theme is jus that. This theme has three columns which can highlight images and text. Interesting aspect of this theme is that it has a slide feature thus it’s convenient to use for magazine or news blogs. The glide feature makes the theme attractive as alternating images can glide one after the other.

05. JournalCrunch

This theme is easy to set up and is good for portfolios as well as magazines. It’s a WordPress 3.0 theme.

Like these themes? If you are using any of them, let me know via comments and do not forget to follow WebGuide4U on Twitter for more updates on WordPress Themes.

Author Bio

Sathishkumar is a Blogger and Internet Marketer from India. He now works for Pixloo, a free Virtual Tour services company.

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