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[How-To Guide] Upgrade Headway Theme From WordPress Dashboard

Already, I have shared a how to guide on installing Headway theme and now in this post I’m sharing a how to guide on upgrading Headway theme from WordPress Dashboard. The process of upgrading Headway premium theme is pretty simple, just follow the step-by-step guide and within a minute your copy of headway theme upgraded to latest version.

Step1: Log-in into your wp-admin panel by typing URL

http://www.domainname.com/wp-admin (replace domain name with your domain).

Step2: In wp-admin panel you see a notification message (as shown below):


Step3: Now in notification message simply click on “Click here to upgrade” (in step 2), it open a new window (as shown below):


Step4: When you click on “Update Headway” button it open a new window (as shown below) and click on “here” to activate the upgraded version of Headway.


Step5: After activating the upgraded version of Headway theme you see a new window (as shown below) stating that “Your installation of Headway is already up-to-date”.


Step6: Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded to the latest version of Headway theme.

If you haven’t get your copy of Headway theme, get it now

Sign-Up Link for Headway Theme

If you have any query do let me know in comment section and don’t forget to like on Facebook to miss any tutorial on Headway theme

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  • Thanks Vivek for your comments on my blog.

    This is a blog that I actually in the process of closing. Will close it down this year. My main focus is on my Hotel Advisor and Social Media Strategies blog.

    I might add in some Headway info there eventually, but probably with a different approach that is suited better for my audience.

    Good explanation here. I have primarily used the FTP option myself. For clients this is a good additional option.

    Wish you all the best.

    Cheers.. Are

    • For comments, glad that i found your blog.
      all the good wishes to your business.
      maximum users use FTP programs to upgrade and i also use it but many of them are unable to use FTP program so without using FTP client i have write this post and may be if headway release a another update then i will write it by using FTP client.
      Stay tuned at WebGuide4U more tuts coming on Headway..

  • Doru

    I make this update 🙂

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