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WordPress 3.0.1 Released To Fix 50+ Bugs

WordPress 3.0 thelonious already out there with lots of features and an awesome default theme twenty ten. WordPress 3.0 allows you to enjoy the feature of WordPress Mu into WordPress itself. WordPress 3.0 already hits 11 million downloads and now it’s time to upgrade the WordPress again as WordPress 3.0.1 hits the web to fix the bugs left in WordPress 3.0. WordPress 3.0.1 will address 50+ different bugs, including a privacy issue with trashed posts and Capital P dangit bug (automatically changes small “p” into capital “P” ) which results in lots of broken images.

After a long wait finally WordPress team released an updated version of WordPress 3.0 to fix almost 50+ bugs (as shown in the screenshot).

wordpress 3.0 errors

Now its time to update your WordPress blog again but before updating it make up a backup of your WordPress Blog.

If you are still facing problems in upgrading any of the feature of WordPress 3.0 then feel free to contact us via comments section.

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