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Vantage Version 4.1.0 Updated With Fixing Lost Closing

AppThemes has launched the new version of Vantage theme and it is updated to version 4.1.0. Vantage 4.1.0 is a major release and it looks & completely different when compared with the earlier version. The Vantage v4.1.0 theme address number of bugs and includes automated migration & default data scripts. It is recommended to all users that they must update Vantage theme to the latest version as soon as possible but before that they backup all their files & database.

The Vantage v4.1.0 theme comes with new features like Vantage 3 upgrade procedure, new upgrade system, a new option in the customizer to change header text color, and form builder to disable field on the form. Apart from these newly added features, AppThemes also fixes a number of issues like footer menu links fixed width/height, and more.

Below you can find the number of changes made in the Vantage V4.1.0

Vantage V4.1.0 – What’s New?


  • Excluded development directories from pot file (vendor, bower_components, etc)
  • Lost closing
    elements on home page
  • Footer menu links fixed width / height
  • Removed “delete” button from the core fields boxes on form builder
  • Incorrect order of Categories and their subcategories in the Refine Search widget
  • Call to undefined function mb_strimwidth()
  • Missed client side validation for Listing Description and Media fields
  • Claim listing button is not displayed to non registered users
  • Install script isn’t run when upgrading from 3.x
  • “Use the default WordPress login and registration pages” not working
  • Losing plan data after moderated listings publish via admin edit form
  • File size upload limit is not working
  • Alphabetical sorting of Listings is in reversed direction
  • Undefined index class-widget-listing-featured.php on line 61
  • Fatal error: Declaration of APP_Post_Listing_Builder
  • Recurring orders processing issue
  • Add color changing option to the customizer for menus
  • Checkout redirect to gateway page is using wrong template
  • Callout widget content field strips out form input fields


  • Removed the examples folder containing the child theme starter. Use docs tutorial instead.
  • Add option in customizer to change header text color.
  • Added button to form builder for disabling (hide) field on the form. So core fields cannot be deleted but can be removed from form layouts.
  • Introduced new upgrade system. Now version upgrade redirects to Vantage Setup page to run the upgrade procedures step by step.
  • Added Vantage 3 upgrade procedures.

Newly added features and changes made Vantage theme a must-have theme for creating business directory theme using WordPress. Vantage Business Directory Theme from AppThemes is a fully responsive theme which means it scales perfectly on mobile devices and saves you from hours of troubleshooting & maintenance. Vantage is a must have a theme and it is recommended to all users that they must update Vantage Theme to the latest version as soon as possible. If you do not own Vantage theme, then you can buy for yourself by clicking on the link below:

Vantage V4.1.0 – Business Directory Theme

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