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WebGuide4U First Post

Hello and welcome to a new, fresh and informative design blog in designing and webhosting niche. As this is my first post on this blog, I have decided to share something which can really help out all the designers and beginners. And at the same time I must say thanks to all the blogs/blogger/designers/developers that have given a lot to designing community in the form of very helpful and supportive information and techniques that I have learned from them time to time.

Something About Me

Hi I’m Vivek Parmar, Electronics and Communication Engineer by education and a Designer by virtue and interest. I have started this website to share knowledge and this is an open community to interact with us on any topic related to:

Photoshop Tutorials

Web Designing Tutorials

Web Hosting


About This Blog

This blog site will feature topics like Photoshop, Designing tips, Webhosting tips, WordPress themes and plugins, and finally other tips related to graphics and designing languages and I will try to make your designing and webmaster journey a fun and enjoyable.

Thanking Note

I want to thank Google because he greeted WebGuide4U with Google Page Rank 2 within no time we got page rank and an attracting Alexa Rank without a start. I want say thank to all facebook friends and readers of this blog.

In the end I promise to all of them i will provide you the best content so that you must get benefited by visiting here.

And finally I’m always open for feedback and you can send me your review about this blog anytime by commenting or using a contact form.

And finally in the end Enjoy your stay with WebGuide4U!

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  • Alamin

    Where is your content?

    • We are updating soon to provide you the utmost and unique content which will help you to make your blogging life easily and of you need any help or want to serve you then let us know through the comments section or use our contact form.

  • Alamin

    Ok. Waiting for your content. Hope that will be great. Thanks

    • You don’t have need to wait more we are almost ready to start just working on series of posts to finish up all the things as early as possible to share the things with all of you.

  • Hey Vivek,

    Best of luck for WG4U…

    Hope you achieve great heights in no time… but I still wonder… How you got a PR2 even without posting anything here?

    • Thanks Amandeep for the good wishes.
      It totally depends on the feedback from the visitors and will look forward to achieve what i had thought off.
      It’s all about mastering the SEO techniques that i have learned in last one year. Google greeted us with all the hard work i had done before setting up all the things.

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