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WebGuide4U: Back In Action And Ready To Shine On Web

It’s been quite three months passed since I stopped blogging because I’m working on few things which don’t belong to my interest. The work was not related to my blogging business and in return I wasted my valuable time on those things.

we're back

Why I’M Not Consistent?

In June 2010, I have completed my graduation (i.e. became Engineer in Electronics And Communication) and applied for a job in some companies. But at the same time I was keen to work in blogging field. I faced several problems as one graduate feels after getting out from his college. I felt ill too and it took two months for complete recovery.

After all these hassles in my life, I went back home and I convinced my parents for blogging (really it is one of the hardest thing, I’ve done in my life). I told them that whatever I’m doing is right for me and I can do this thing for my whole life. Now all the things are cleared and I am working full-time now.

In these past three months, I learned few lessons. I sat one say and analyzed all the mistakes I’ve done, also I tried to analyze all the drawbacks inside me. I asked my friends and my college seniors regarding my drawbacks and thanks to them to give me fair advice.

I want to thank all the people who helped me in my bad time specially My Parents, Honey Sir, Himanshu Sir, Raju Sir and all my friends.

Now I’ll work full time and try my best to provide the best and informative tutorials on WordPress, WebHosting, Web and Graphics Designing on WebGuide4U.

What I will do now?

From now onwards I will focus only on the areas of my expertise and organize all the things in a nice manner to accomplish all my dreams.

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  • tushar gupta

    seperb dear…..
    go ahead

  • Great To see you baq bro, Keep Rocking 😀

  • Great to hear you have landed into blogging full time mate…

    Wish I do that one lucky day 🙂

    Best of luck bro…

    • Thanks Amandeep for your wishes. You’re doing good and after some time you can also land into blogging full time. All the best to you.

  • All the best for your blogging career 🙂
    I am still facing the same problem with my parents thy are not able to understand my feeling 🙁 so doing a job which I never thought to do in my life i.e working as a Mechanical Engg 🙁 looking 4r the day whn i’ll get a chance to become a pro blogger but i am sure I die as a Blogger not as a Mech Engg..!

    • Thanks Manendra for the good wishes
      Its hard to convince parents, but hopefully i’m able to convince them. Hope you also convince them. All the best to you and your blogging carrier

  • Best of Luck Dude! and please suggest me tips to convince parents. i’l be finishing my engg next year but i really dont have interest in completing.

    • Thanks Ashwin,
      Its hard to convince parents, all you need to do is to make a bond of trust and show them whatever you are doing is right for you.
      Still in India blogging is not considered as a job (secure job when we talk about future).
      Complete your engineering first, one year you don’t realize how it will pass away and enjoy these wonderful and memorable days as much as you can, you will remember these days lifetime

  • Vivek, first of all, Best of Luck to you.

    But here’s a suggestion from my side, As a Visitor I feel that you’ve placed way too many ads, more than the content part. Wait for WebGuide4u to become bigger, then it wont be any prob 🙂

  • Dan Reed

    Hi Vivek, I had to stop by your blog after seeing your info on Facebook. You have a very nice, well designed site, good content and you have good knowledge available to others in blogging. Congratulations on graduating and I wish you the best of luck in your career. Please stop by and say hello sometime, thanks!..:)

    • Thanks Dan for the kind words and wishes
      Will try my level best to offer quality content

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