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WordPress Pricerr Theme v1.1.8.1 Released

A new version of WordPress Pricerr Theme is available and you can download this latest version from here. This new version comes with lots of new features and some bugs have been fixed. It is recommended to all users, update Pricerr Theme to latest version as soon as possible

WordPress Pricerr Theme from Sitemile

It is micro-task theme and a perfect turn-key solution for the advanced & beginner entrepreneurs. Below you can see the complete list of the things fixed, tweaked and added features:

Pricerr Theme 1.8.1 Changelog

  • Feature added: extra/additional services offered with each job
  • Feature added: admin tracker of completed, delivered and closed jobs
  • Feature added: cancel job from seller side
  • Bug Fixed: main page fixed pagination
  • Bug Fixed: order info disappearing when deleting a job
  • Bug Fixed: price displaying incorrectly when free input is enabled
  • Bug Fixed: page titles for categories and location taxonomies fixed
  • Bug Fixed: tow new currencies added: HKD (Hong Kong Dollar), TRY(Turkish Lyra)
  • Bug Fixed: other 5-10 small bugs fixed

So, for that you are waiting for, grab latest version of Pricerr Theme right now:

WordPress Pricerr Theme v1.1.8.1

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with lots of unlimited and amazing features.

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