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[Guest Post] Top 35 WordPress YouTube Plugins Compatible With WordPress 3.1

This is a guest post written by Rahul. If you would like to write for WebGuide4U, check out guest posting guidelines here.

YouTube – most popular website, use to watch and share videos on web. As a webmaster/blogger we need to embed YouTube video in our blog post to share useful information. Already I have shared how to add and resize YouTube video and now in this post I’m sharing WordPress YouTube Plugin which help you to add, embed video in posts. So for what we are waiting for, here is the list of Top WordPress YouTube Plugin:


01. Smart YouTube

This plugin offer you total control over YouTube videos and offer you to post YouTube videos in your RSS Feeds, comments and in posts.

02. YouTube Brackets

It allow you to add YouTube videos within brackets.

03. WP YouTube

The YouTube Video ID is more than enough to add the video in your post.

04. YouTube Thumbnailer

You can show a snap from video in posts as thumbnails using the custom field.

05. Lightview Plus

This plugin work like light box fetching videos from YouTube with an editor button.

06. WP JW Player

This is a 2 in 1 plugin, offer you to add YouTube videos and self hosted videos.

07. TubePress

This is a handy plugin to add videos available in 8 languages.

08. Genki YouTube Comments

This plugin allows user(s) to comment on videos in the posts.

09. YouTuber

Simple plugin, simple tags let you add videos which will keep your blog clean and neat.

10. Daiko’s YouTube Widget

This widget allow you to add any desired number of videos in blog’s sidebar.

11. Automatic YouTube Video Posts

It fetch videos from any YouTube account and publish them in your posts. The best thing is that it automatically update your Twitter status as well.

12. TubePress.NET

Best plugin to create video niche site, once added it allow you to search videos using title, description, etc. to import all to your site. There is a thumb view option as well.

13. Berri YouTube Gallery

This help you to add a gallery of videos in sidebars without any special API.

14. Random YouTube Video

Simple, you can understand from the name itself.

15. Google YouTube Video Bar

This plugin offer you to add targeted YouTube videos from Google search results for your keywords.

16. YouTube With Style

This plugin allows you to add custom video player and help you to add videos without leaving site.

17. ZD YouTube FLV Player

It is a cool plugin to add a YouTube and FLV videos, you can add videos using the code below,


URL= Video URL

18. YouTube VideoBox Plugin

This plugin let you decide the height and width of the videos added in sidebar, also help you to add YouTube videos in XHTML valid format.

19. YouTube Poster

This plugin helps you to add videos as separate posters in blog.

20. YouTube Sidebar

Add videos to sidebar and best thing is that Adsense ads displayed when no videos matching the set criteria.

21. WP YouTube Lyte

This plugin let you add flash less video in blog, i.e. video load in real-time when clicked the play button. So, page load faster.

22. IFRAME Embed for YouTube

This plugin suggests you to use IFRAME code for videos to add them in blog.

23. Chromeless YouTube

Advantage of this plugin is that, it allow you to add different videos from different sources in single post.

24. Simple Video Embedder

This is simple yet powerful plugin to add videos in posts with traditional option.

25. Easy Tube

This plugin allows you to add Google videos along with YouTube videos with Image thumbnails.

26. YouTube feeder

This plugin allows you to pull videos from the YouTube’s data API.

27. Viper’s Video Quicktags

This plugin support following video site like YouTube videos, Google Video, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Veoh, Blip.tv, MySpaceTV, Spike.com, Viddler, Metacafe and Flickr. It also support video formats like, F lash Video Files (FLV), QuickTime (MOV, etc.) and AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc.

28. YouTube with Fancy Zoom

This plugin adds video galleries with Query based fancy zoom effects.

29. YouTube Widget

Simple plugin with traditional features.

30. My YouTube Playlist

This plugin creates playlist of videos.

31. YouTube Embed

This plugin allows you to add YouTube Embed video code.

32. VideoGall

This plugin offer you to add videos from few other sites and offer you to add ShadowBox effect.

33. Advanced YouTube Widget

This plugin allows visitor to add a YouTube account with limited search result.

34. YouTube Full Screen

This plugin offer readers to open videos in new window.

35. Last YouTube Video

This plugin fetch last video from particular account which can be add in sidebar.

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Rahul is Technology lover and a fitness advocate who is associated with weightlosstriumph. Check out his weight loss blog where he features Medifast promo code for 2011 and coupons for Nutrisystem food.

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  • Techgyo

    Thats a huge list, it must have taken you so long to make this list. Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you like the post. Yep it takes lot of time to find the compatible plugins

      • Techgyo

        Grt!, your effort is really appreciated. Happy blogging 🙂

  • Hi Rahul
    That was an awesome list of youtube plugins. I am using number “16. YouTube With Style” on my blog. Really like that one because it has a nice clean look.

  • Hi Vivek, I use #27 Viper video quicktags and I really like it. I also use the Embed.ly plugin. It works for Twitter and a bunch of other services also. Have you tried that one yet?

    • Thanks ileane for stopping by here and commenting. No, i haven’t tried anyone (it is because i will try my level best to save myself using too many plugins). Thanks for adding valuse to article.
      This article is written by Rahul not by me 🙂

  • I should have said Hi Rahul. I just realized this is a guest post. Nice to meet you here.

  • Matthew

    Hi Rahul,

    I wish all these plugins were available on Drupal CMS as well. I believe some of them might be but certainly not all. You see my diet blog is built on Drupal, not on WP so I am missing out on the plethora of plugins available in the WP community.

    I chose Drupal over WP when I started my weight loss blog because at that time the “social” and “community” aspect was stronger in Drupal than in WP, and since I wanted my blog to have a “social” character (i.e dieters talking about their experiences with weight loss programs, sharing coupons for popular diet plans, like Weight Watchers, Medifast and Nutrisystem, etc) I chose Drupal over WP. Mistake… anyway, I am rambling!

    Great list Rahul

    • @Matthew: I don’t get my chance to get enough hands on Drupal so can’t suggest you to choose which one – apologize for this. Well all i have to say you are missing lots of things as WordPress is too good right now.

  • Sidiney Gomes Blog

    which of these do you recommend as the best?

    • @Sidney Gomes: Well i try my level best to use less plugins. Sorry i can’t help you in this

  • Irfan

    You are awesome man great post..

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