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WP Auctions v4.3 Beta

A new beta version of WP Auctions WordPress Plugin is announced – WP Auctions v4.6 Beta. This new version is available for instant download to all those who subscribe to Pro or Pro Plus packages. So, if you do not subscribe for Pro or Pro Plus packages, then subscribe now:

WP Auctions Pro or Pro Plus Packages

Below you can find the number of features added in this new version.

  1. Auction templates: Now you can create templates to use with your auctions. This is a powerful new feature that will allow you to show custom content on an auction basis.
  2. Rich Text Editor: It’s back! And, you can even use it to customize your auction email notices!
  3. Edit Auction Start Date: You can now change the start dates of your auctions after you’ve saved them, provided there are no bids on the auction yet. The start date cannot be edited once a bid is placed.
  4. Windows Server Fixes: Specific issues to Windows based servers are now fixed.
  5. Disable Image Resizer: Having trouble with the image resizer? Just disable it and use your proportional images.
  6. Some bug fixes.

In addition to these features, a new version of the List Widget Add-on is also available when 4.3 goes out of beta. If you are using the add-on please know you might experience some errors. We recommend you NOT to use 4.3 on your site if you are using the old version of the List Widget. As usual, Pro Plus users will get free updates to the List Widget. Pro and Instant Download users will get a discount to get the new version of the add-on. So, for what you are waiting for, get your copy of WP Auction WordPress Plugin

WP Auction WordPress Plugin

If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to check out Free WordPress Installation Service which comes with lots of unlimited and amazing features.

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