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WPCoupon WordPress Plugin 5% Discount Coupon

WordPress no doubt one of the most popular CMS which offers you to publish your content in couple of minutes. WordPress allows you to build website in couple of minutes and you can build a professionally looking website in no time. The best thing I like about WordPress is that it offers you free WordPress Themes and Free WordPress plugins.

If you want to make a coupon website, then there is no free plugin. WPCoupon WordPress plugin allows you to build coupon website in couple of minutes. In addition to this, you can easily create user-submitted coupon sites on virtually any niche – books, travel, hosting and more!


The best thing I like about this plugin is that you can use this plugin to run a complete affiliate coupon site or add coupons to your existing website or blog. WPCoupon WordPress Plugin is fully optimized for search engines and third-party advertisments and more.

This is a premium WordPress plugin and comes in four plans

  • Starter Package
  • Basic Package
  • Standard Package
  • Enterprise Package

All these packages comes with limitations except Enterprise Package. Below you can see a comparison of each plan


In above screen-shot you can easily see that Starter Package comes with WP Coupon Plugin and WP Coupon Default Theme but Enterprise Package comes with WP Coupon Plugin, WP Coupon Default Theme and in addition to this, Enterprise Package comes with Bundled Addons which includes Free Premium Theme’s, WP Coupon’s Store Access, WP Coupon’s Coupon Feed, $250 Pay-Per-Click Advertising Credits and Free Installation which means that you have to only purchase the plugin and the installation done by professionals.

As mentioned it is a premium WordPress plugin and in this post I’m sharing a discount coupon which allows you to save 5% on your total billing. I suggest you to purchase Enterprise Package because with this package you get $250 Pay-Per-Click Advertising and $250 Credit (means $500 back in no time). So after a wait, here is a working discount coupon

Sign-Up Link for WPCoupon || (Coupon Code: AFF5)

If you have any query let me know via comments or get in touch using contact form.


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