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WPZonBuilder v2.6 (2.6i) Released – WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin

A new version of WPZonBuilder WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin is released – WPZonBuilder v2.6 (v2.6i) and it is available for download in members area or you can update it from WordPress admin panel. It is a maintenance released and it is recommended to all users that they must update WPZonBuidler to latest version as soon as possible. Before you update WPZonBuilder plugin to latest version make sure that you backup your database and files its because in case if something goes wrong then you can easily backup your website in a single click.

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With WPZonBuilder anyone can easily build Amazon affiliate sites in just minutes. Below you can find the number of changes made in the latest version of WPZonBuilder plugin.


WPZonBuilder Plugin v2.6 – What’s New?

2.6i – adding multi-instance support to onsite cart widget

2.6h – adding multi-instance support to widgets

2.6g – Accordion tabs in back end size properly includes a tab into general settings where it is possible to make wpzon not to include some libraries in case of theme and plugin conflicts

2.6f – Update way to include fancybox javascript & css in a way providing less conflicts

2.6e – Added support for the [Author] shortcode

2.6d – Fix for WordPress 3.6 update, Add to Queue page didn’t show a default category selection of All

2.6c – Fix for WordPress 3.6 update, On-Site cart not showing on top

2.6b – Added Electronics to India’s Add to Queue categories

2.6a – update to click tracking


– added support for SearchIndex values

– Added support for Amazon.in India

– Test Amazon API Response Raw XML response is displayed

So, for what you are waiting for? Update WPZonBuilder plugin to latest and get started with making money online in no time. If you do not have WPZonBuilder plugin then you can get it from here:

WPZonBuilder v2.6 (2.6i) – WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin

If you have any query let me know via comments!

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