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xScape Theme Framework 1.7.8 Released – Download Now

xScape Theme Framework 1.7.8 has been released and for those who are waiting for new version of xScape Theme Framework can download it from here. This new version brings new things, many improvements and above all several bugs has been fixed.

In this new version, menus, widgets and bbPress module got most updates. In addition to this, bbPress module is updates with new styling, new templates and minor bug have been fixed. There are few minor changes and fixes has also been made in general layout rendering in the framework. Menu designer for many improvements include new menu item types (individual post by ID), improvements to post types archive (new options and drop down support) menu item and few changes are added to menus rendering.


All widgets are updates to use improved 2 columns layout. Recent posts widget is improved. Pages navigator expanded with extra options and settings. Page Navigator has new rendering method and the updates plugin is exactly the same as the standalone plugin/widget GD Pages GD Pages Navigator 5.0.

Along with this new version, there are many things coming up like xScape 1.8. On the roadmap for xScape 1.8: login widget and conditional layout settings. Well most of the work has been over and pretty soon in couple of months we see xScape 1.8. Another things that will be in the next 1.7.9 version is another set of improvements to bbPress modules: new layouts, new settings to control forums and improved styling.

Isn’t it a great, so for what you are waiting for? Download the latest version of xScape Theme Framework right now:

Download Link for xScape Theme Framework

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