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[How-To Guide] Add Alexa Widget To Improve Alexa Ranking

Alexa – quite popular website among webmasters and bloggers. Alexa is a subsidiary of Amazon which decide ranking of website/blog free of cost. Lower the alexa rank more popular your website on web. One thing I like to add, Alexa Rank completely depend on your traffic. Though there are many ways by which you can increase your Alexa rank (I’m not discussing them here).

Alexa rank show number of visitors and number of page views which are calculated on 3-month period. To increase Alexa Rank you can install Alexa toolbar on internet browser and if you not want to install this toolbar you can add Alexa widget on your blog. This post focus on adding Alexa widget on your website/blog.

Step1: First go to Alexa and click on “Register” on right hand side of navigation menu (as shown below):


Step2: When you click on “Register” it open a new window (as shown below). Simply fill-up all the fields or you can use “Connect With Facebook” option to login (I’m using connect with facebook option)


Step3: After registering your account you see a window (as shown below) and click on “Add a Site now” to add a new site.


Step4: When you click on “Add a Site now” it open a new window (as shown below). Now you have to simply enter your site name in the space provided and click on “Claim your site” button.


Step5: When you click on “Claim your site” it open a new window (as shown below). Now you have two options to verify your site either to upload the text file in root directory or verify your meta tag (I’m using first option, i.e., uploading file in root directory).


Step6: Now log-in into cPanel by typing URL (http://www.domainname.com) and click on “File Manager” as shown below:


Step7: Now go to root directory and click on upload button to upload the text file.

alexa-rank6+alexa-rank+webguide4u+php+css Step8: I’m assuming that you have uploaded the file. After uploading the file click (step 5) click on “Verify my text file” button to verify.


Step9: Now click on “Site Tools” as shown above and it open a window like this and now click on “Alexa Site Widgets” as shown below:


Step10: When you click on “Alexa Site Widgets” it open a new window and now simply choose the widget.


Step11: Now copy the text and paste this code in your wp-admin panel (under widgets section):


Step12: Now log-in into wp-admin panel and go to “Appearance” and click on “Widgets” (as shown below):


Step13: When you click on “Widgets” it open a new window and paste the copied text as shown below:


Step14: Congratulations, you have successfully added the Alexa Widget on your blog.

If you face any problem do let me know in comment section and don’t forget to write a review of WebGuide4U (New Year Gift) on Alexa here

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  • Brankica

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. I am still far away from putting the widget on my blog but it is nice to know how to do it.
    I see some interesting titles here, so I will have to surf around here a bit more.

    • Thanks for stopping and commenting here.
      It if for those only who are interested in increasing their alexa rank and didn’t want to install alexa toolbar.
      Enjoy your stay at WebGuide4U

  • Nice Post. to Improve Alexa Rank, Digg your posts regularly, check your Alexa details regularly (at least once in a week) and use Alexa toolbar.

    • Thanks Anish, you liked it.
      Using alexa toolbar i don’t recommend it as it slows down browser speed (already too many toollbars installed) its better to use an add-on

  • Kunal @ TechHogger

    Is it really that adding a widget will improve site ranking?
    I really don’t understand the idea behind this, because the calculation is done by no. of visits. This would be a fair way of ranking. Will it be ?

    • Most bloggers didn’t like (like me) to install alexa toolbar and adding a widget help alexa to calculate the number of visitors you receiving.
      Alexa has its own algorithm to calculate the ranking of any site. But its must to have to pretty good alexa rank as it attracts advertisers to advertise on your blog.

  • Nice post vivek, improving alexa rank is one of the worth for a website or blog, putting widget on our blog is really improve our rank

    • Thanks Fareed for stopping and commenting.
      Yes you are correct, putting up a widget helps alexa to easily calculate your rank without any need of Alexa toolbar

  • Hello, I found your site using google, and I don’t mean to take up a lot of your comment space, but I recently switched from Blogger to a hosted site, and although my traffic has increased 5 fold (I now am at about 2,100 unique visitors a day), my alexa rank has dropped by about 50,000. Getting frustrated. I added in the alexa widget (I’ve been using the alexa toolbar for awhile), I’ve bookmarked your page, I’ll let you know how adding in the widget has worked for me in about a month. Thanks for the article.

    • I have clearly analyze your site. No need to worry sometimes it happens that Alexa rank decrease. Do your work and it will increase. Advantage of adding alexa widget is that if a visitor doesn’t install alexa toolbar his visit don’t count and when you have added that alexa widget its visit count by alexa toolbar. Normally all users don’t want to install another toolbar on their browser. (especially i don’t – personal opinion)

      • Hey, thanks a lot for getting back to me. I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I added your site to my blog roll. Of course, with my crappy Alexa ranking that probably doesn’t mean much!

        Really though, thanks for the response, and I’ll let you know how that widget works out.

        • Thanks for adding my side to blog roll. Widget works you will see changes in a week.
          Keep visiting to know more new things

          • Hello Vivek, just wanted to check back in with you. My 3 month average has improved about 15K, but where I’m really seeing the difference is the 1 month ranking. I have seen a significant improvement. Thanks again, your advice on this article has worked for me. .

          • Glad Spurs Fan you find it useful, adding alexa widget really helps anyone in increasing alexa rank and anyone can see a difference by adding this within a week like you.
            Stay at WebGuide4U, a lot more has to come.

  • Wohoo!! That’s a detailed tutorial Vivek…I liked it..
    More over adding alexa widget in your blog helps a lot to improve alexa rank..It actually works for me..!! 🙂

    • Thanks Harsh for Stopping and Commenting.
      Yaa seeing its effect on my blog too. It works

  • Great tutorial again….

    Thanks for sharing it.

  • ya… this is complete guide!
    Its work…

  • Jitesh Golecha

    Thnx for the detailed tutorial 🙂

  • cspngames

    I have uploaded a new online games site recently.To add alexa widget to my site i was searching for the process,mean while i found your article useful but i am not clear with step 12-“log-in into wp-admin panel and go to “Appearance” and click on “Widgets” “. could you please clarify it.

    • @cspngames: After copying the alexa code you have to paste this code in your blog. So you need to log-in into wp-admin panel.

  • Nice tutorial! however, I don’t know put this widget will improve the Alexa ranking, not sure 🙂

    • @Jenni: glad you like the tutorial. Trust me putting alexa widget improves Alexa Rank and after adding widget on your blog, pretty soon you see a change in your alexa ranking

  • Great post pra. . . .thnxxx a lot for sharing and keep going 🙂

  • cspngames

    Hi,I have followed till 11 steps and now i am not able to get as you mentioned in the 12th step i.e i am unable to get any options like “appearence” and so on wp-admin.
    could you plese help me.

    • @cspngames: first login into wp-admin panel, after logging in – scroll down and you see a “Appearance” Tab.

  • Nice post vivek, improving alexa rank is one of the worth for a website or blog, putting widget on our blog is really improve our rank
    More over adding alexa widget in your blog helps a lot to improve alexa rank..It actually works for me..!! 🙂
    Hey Vivek, I liked your post, adding alexa widget in your blog does works a lot to improve our rank

  • Great and detailed tutorial! It really helps adding alexa widget in blog to rank it more. Keep going!

  • Hello Sir, thank you for sharing this information, I actually wasn’t knowing about Alexa rank. Thank you for updating me. From now onward, I will take care of Alexa widget in my blogs.

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