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[How-To Guide] Add and Resize YouTube Video In WordPress

Adding YouTube videos on your blog is pretty easy and in no time you add YouTube video but many of them find problem while adding YouTube video. This post focus on adding YouTube video without using any WordPress plugin.

Step1: First go to YouTube and select any video that you want to embed in WordPress (as shown below):


Step2: Now click on “embed” button and copy the code as shown below:


Step3: Now, log-in into wp-admin panel and go to “Posts” Tab and click on “Add New” as shown below:


Step4: When you click on “Add New”, it open a new window (i.e., new post page) and click on “HTML” as shown below:


Step5: Now paste the code (code that you have copy in step2) and paste the code in “HTML” (as shown below).


Step6: Congratulations, you have successfully added and resized YouTube video in WordPress

Let me know if you have any questions. If you have any WordPress related query, feel free to use contact form and do not forget to like on Facebook

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  • Just paste the URL in html mode, and you get auto resized video.

  • Ronald Redito

    I think I agree with Vivek Parmar, you still need to select the appropriate width and height. There are themes that do not auto-resize.

  • Nice blog and thank you for the tip.

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