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[How-To Guide] Buy Premium WordPress Themes From WordPress.com

Already, in earlier article I have shared that WordPress.com release premium WordPress theme for its users and now in this post I’m sharing how to buy these premium WordPress theme.

Step1: Log-in into WordPress.com account, go to “Appearance” and click on “Themes” a shown below:


Step2: As soon you click on “Themes”, it open a new window (shown below), and in navigation menu click on “Premium”.


Step3: When you click on “Premium”, it open a new window (shown below). Now select any of the theme (I’m selecting Headlines) and click on “Purchase & Activate ($45.00)”.


Step4: As soon as you click on “Purchase & Activate ($45.00)”, it open a new window (shown below) and now you have to choose the payment gateway to buy premium WordPress.com WordPress Themes


Step5: After selecting the payment gateway, you are ready to buy this premium theme and enjoy it on your WordPress.com blog (I have chosen PayPal as my payment gateway).


Step6: That’s all, now log-in into your PayPal account to buy this premium theme and after buying this premium theme change the layout of your WordPress.com blog immediately.

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