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[How-To Guide] Create Google Analytics Account

As a webmaster or blogger we need to track and analyze the traffic on website/blog. For tracking analytics, Google offer you a tracking system, i.e., Google-Analytics. It helps you to track and view the statistics of your blog/website. In this post I’m sharing a how to guide on creating Google Analytics account.

Step1: First go to this link and click on “Sign Up Now” button as shown below:


Step2: Now fill-up all the required fields as shown below:


Step3: As soon as you hit the “Sign in” (in step3) you see a new window (as shown below) and click on “Sign Up” button.


Step4: Fill-up all the details as shown below and click on “continue” button.


Step5: When you click on “Continue” button (in step4), it open a new window as shown below. Now fill up all the details and click on “continue” button.


Step6: Now read all the terms and condition and after it check out the box to accept these terms and condition. After it, click on “Create New Account” button as shown below:


Step7: When you click on “Create New Account” (in step6), a new window open (as shown below) and click on “Save and Finish” button.


Step8: Congratulations, you have successfully created google analytics account.

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  • Liz

    Hi Vivek, I just added the analytics code to my blog thanks to your clear, precise instructions. I’ll be checking back again for more stuff on wordpress thesis theme. You’re a great help to newbies like me. Thank you so much.

    • Thanks Liz, you find the tutorial useful will be working on series of posts which will help you to customize thesis theme

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