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Customize Thesis With Thesis Open Hook WordPress Plugin

Thesis – no doubt one of the best premium theme that offer lot of functions and allow you to customize your blog design in your own style. Already I have covered some of the basic posts on Thesis WordPress Theme, if you missed out any of the posts. Here is a quick recap:

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How to Guide on Changing Custom-Sample Folder Into Custom in Thesis Theme

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How to Guide on Adding Author Profile Box at the End of Post

Thesis works on Hooks and to make any changes in Thesis Theme you have to edit two files:

  • custom.css
  • custom_function.php

If you have no knowledge of PHP and CSS, still you can customize Thesis theme quite easily. Thesis open hook plugin offer you all the functionality you need to make any changes in Thesis theme .


You can easily customize any area of your website where you want to make changes, just simply add the codes. Remember that if you are putting any PHP code, make sure that you checkmark the box and execute PHP after putting the code.

With this plugin you don’t need to open your custom.css file on your server. You can easily make changes from your WordPress control panel. So don’t wait, start customizing your thesis theme now.

Download Thesis Open Hook Plugin

if you haven’t get your copy of Thesis theme, then get it now

Download Link for Thesis WordPress Theme

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  • Actually Vivek we can edit or add php and css codes directly from wordpress panel. There is a option named “custom file editor” under thesis tab.

    • Thanks Sarvanshu for stopping and commenting here.
      Yaa anyone can edit thesis using custom file editor but who doesn’t know about thesis hook and PHP/CSS then this plugin is for them to easily customize thesis

  • Bilal Ahmad

    Thesis Open Hook Plugin is the power of thesis which provides an easy way for newbies to customize there blogs in the way they want.

    • Yes Bilal agree with you, without any knowledge of PHP and CSS yu can easily customize thesis theme. Thanks for commenting

  • Pubudu @ Tech Hamlet

    Wow.. now this is something very useful for a person who needs to make your own skin for Thesis 😀

    • Thanks Pubudu for stopping and commenting here.
      Yes you are right it is very useful and especially for those who want to customize thesis theme without any knowledge of PHP and CSS

  • It’s a useful plugin but I prefer using custom functions to make changes..As it helps me to lower down number of plugins.. But for people who are not so good with custom functions.. Thesis open hook is a life saver…

    • Agree with you Harsh, that installing another plugin is not necessary. It is for those who don’t know PHP and CSS

  • BLOG404

    I love the openhook plugin as its damn easy to edit and It lets you do some really cool things site wide and play with things. One of the great and powerful thesis plugin 😀

    • Openhook plugin is great and those who do not know CSS and PHP, they can also customize it according to it

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