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[How-To Guide] Edit WordPress .htaccess File

Already I have shared a post on how to create .htaccess file and now in this post I’m sharing how to edit .htaccess file.

Step1: Log-in into cPanel by typing URL (mentioned below) and click on “File Manager” as shown below:

http://www.domainame.com/cpanel (replace domain name with your domain name)


Step2: When you click on “File Manager” it open a new window (i.e. your root directory) as shown below:


Step3: Now select .htaccess file (in root directory) and click on “Edit” in navigation menu (as shown below):


Step4: Now start editing your .htaccess file according to your needs.


Before you start editing your .htaccess file, be sure to take a back up of your .htaccess file

If you have any query do let me know in comment section or you can use Free WordPress Installation Service. Don’t forget to like on Facebook so that you don’t miss any tutorial on .htaccess.

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