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Headway 3.0.3 Released

Headway is an SEO optimized WordPress Framework and with drag & drop options it helps you to make professional looking website in couple of minutes. Recently new version of Headway Themes is announced and it can be downloaded from here or you can update it from WordPress Dashboard. Remember before updating your site take a backup of your site using BackupBuddy.

New version of Headway Themes comes with lots of bug fixes, changes and additions and below you can find the details.

Bug Fixes

  • Data Handling: Changed how multi-dimensional arrays are saved to the database. This should resolve any issues with BackupBuddy or any other plugin that clones a WordPress installation.
  • Data Handling: Many issues with blocks not saving or deleting have been resolved
  • Content Block: The Content Block now properly changes the titles from <H1>, <H2>, or <H3> depending on which page is being viewed
  • Visual Editor: The Live CSS box should show up for everyone now
  • Visual Editor: Blocks can no longer be added if Mass Block Selection mode is active
  • Visual Editor: Added a flood control mechanism to the block content reloading function so sliders and text inputs don’t make the web server screech to a halt
  • SEO: The “Add nofollow To Comment Authors’ URL” SEO option now works
  • Admin: Fixed any issues that may have existed with the Live SEO Preview
  • Block API: The js_content, enqueue_action, and init_action methods in the Block API now work properly with mirrored blocks
  • Block API: HeadwayBlockAPI::register_block_element() now handles element selectors with commas and correctly adds CSS prefixes
  • Miscellaneous: Changed the documentation link to the new Codex in style.css


  • Content Block: Changed how the Read More links look and registered the element with the design editor
  • Content Block: The Heading and Sub heading elements for the Content Block have been changed to <H3> and <H4> rather than <H2> and <H3>. The heading element targets all <H1>, <H2>, and <H3> elements inside of the entry ntent.
  • Content Block: Completely overhauled the comments and registered the elements with the design editor
  • Content Block: Moved all of the entry meta related options into a new tab named ‘Meta’
  • Content Block: The Heading and Sub Heading elements in the design editor now show which tag they target beside the name.
  • Footer Block: The footer block is now a fixed height block. Its height will no longer auto-expand
  • Admin: Made the save button in the Headway Options panel bigger
  • Admin: The big tabs in Options and Tools now do a nifty fade when switching between tabs and the “jump” that occurred when loading those pages no longer happens
  • Data Handling: The visual editor now uses a different method for retrieving what block ID to use for new blocks. Previously, it was a constantly incrementing number. Now it will find the lowest available block ID to use.
  • Visual Editor: The revert button no longer shows in the layout selector if there is only one customized layout
  • Visual Editor: When selecting a block to mirror, it no longer shows blocks that are in the same layout
  • Visual Editor: Shortened the animation on the saving animation by 150ms
  • Widgets: The search form now looks a LOT prettier than it used to
  • Widgets: Removed the old social and subscribe widgets from the codebase
  • Admin: System Info has been moved to Tools rather than Options
  • Miscellaneous: Updated TimThumb to 2.8.4 (previously 2.8)


  • Visual Editor: The height of the grid can now be adjusted with buttons at the bottom of the grid
  • Admin: Added a new Tools panel under Headway in the WordPress admin
  • Admin: System Info now shows more information and will automatically highlight upon clicking it
  • Admin: System Info has been formatted in a way that it will show up neater when pasted into the forums
  • Admin: Added a Headway Reset mechanism to the Tools panel
  • Admin: Added a Maintenance tab that allows you to repair blocks to the Tools panel
  • Content Block: Added support for Alternate Title
  • Content Block: Added loop navigation and registered the elements with the design editor
  • Content Block: Added support for WP-PageNavi plugin
  • Content Block: Added archive titles
  • Content Block: Added default styling for Heading and Sub-Headings in the Content Block
  • Content Block: The content block now properly handles Featured Posts and Excerpts
  • Content Block: Featured Post Images are now fully integrated
  • Content Block: Added in many more hooks. Please refer to our codex for this
  • Navigation Block: The Navigation can now be aligned to the right as long as the navigation isn’t set to be vertical
  • Multi-site: If it’s a network setup and the site being viewed isn’t the main site, then Headway requires HEADWAY_ALLOW_NETWORK_PHP_PARSING to be set to true for PHP to be parsed.

Still thinking, do not think and update it right from WordPress Dashboard or download it from here:

Download Link for Headway Themes

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