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Headway 3.0.4 Released

Headway 3.0.4 is released with big changes and addressing two small bugs that cause you not to save when you were using either the custom code block or the live CSS editor. One notable change you see that home-brewed updater has been moved to the WordPress updater as it causes problems with some people’s web hosts. In addition to this, 301 Redirect feature have been added to the Search Engine Optimization panel for all posts and pages.


As always, the update is available via automatic updater in the WordPress admin panel or you can upgrade by downloading Headway 3.0.4 from the Member’s Dashboard & upload it via FTP. Remember to backup your WordPress powered site before updating Headway to latest version by using BackupBuddy. Below you can see the change log made in Headway Themes latest version.

Change Log

Bug Fixes

  • Visual Editor: Fixed the issue where double quotes and other special characters would not save anywhere whether it was a block option or Live CSS


  • Automatic Updater: The Headway updater has been completely removed in favor of using WordPress’ built-in updater. This mechanism will be available from 3.0.4 and on. When upgrading from any version before 3.0.4 to 3.0.4, you will still be using the old automatic updater.
  • Content Block: When viewing a singular post or page, the title no longer has a hyperlink inside of it
  • Miscellaneous: The screenshot has now been changed to say “Headway Base” rather than “Headway” and the version number


  • Content Block: You can now disable cropping on featured post images
  • Admin: The System Info under Tools now shows more descriptive info about the browser and operating system
  • SEO: Added a 301 Redirect feature to the Search Engine Optimization panel (on the write screen) for all posts and pages

It is recommended to all users to upgrade Headway Themes to latest version as soon as possible and remember to backup your site using BackupBuddy.

Download Link for Headway Themes

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