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[How-To Guide] Change Nameservers In Godaddy

Many bloggers and webmasters prefer to register their domain name with Godaddy and purchase hosting space from top-notch hosting companies according their needs. After registering domain name you have to host this domain on your hosting account. For this, you have to change namservers so that the domain name hosted on your hosting account.

Yesterday, one of my reader ask me a question:

“Can you please tell us how to point the domain to host at other hosting company. I mean i have a domain registered in one company but want to host at different hosting company so how can i point that domain from that company to the hosting company just for hosting the domain.”

So, to answer it better I come up with a post so that those who are unaware of it may also get benefitted. To point your domain name to your hosting company you have to simply change nameservers only.

Step-by-Step Guide on Changing Nameservers in Godaddy

Step1: Log-in into your account

godaddy-nameservers+godaddy+nameservers+how-to+how-to guide+change name servers

Step2: Now select your domain name (for me its InfoEduTech.Com).godaddy-nameservers1+domain-name+name-server+server+how-to guide+how-to+change name-server

Step3: When you click on domain name it open a new window (as shown below) and now click on “Nameservers”.


Step4: After clicking on “Nameservers” it open a new window (as shown below):


Step5: If you are unable to find “Nameservers” then go to cPanel (by typing URL http://domainname.com/cPanel) of hosting account and from there (on left hand side) copy the nameservers as shown below:


Step6: Now copy these nameservers and paste these nameservers (step4) and click on “OK” button to save all the settings.


Step7: These changes will take sometime to propagate.

Congratulations you have successfully changed the nameservers in godaddy.

Do let me know in comment section if you face any problem. Don’t forget to like on Facebook so that you can’t miss any update.

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