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[How To Guide] Upgrade WordPress To WordPress 3.0

All of you know wordpress 3.0 is released and is available for download. Now it’s the time to upgrade your wordpress blog to the latest version but before this you make a complete backup of your wordpress blog before up-gradation because if something goes wrong then you can easily backup all the data.

Now, here comes the step by step guide on upgrading your wordpress blog.

  • Login to wordpress admin panel, at the top you will see a notification which says “WordPress 3.0 is available! Please update now”.

  • Click on the “Please update now” and you will see the upgrade option like this:

  • Click on the upgrade automatically button and if everything goes good you will see successfully upgraded to wordpress 3.0 like this:

  • Now go back to your wordpress admin panel and you will see that it is running on wordpress 3.0

WordPress automatic upgrade made upgrading wordpress very much easy even a newbie will easily upgrade it.


I recommend you to take complete backup of your wordpress blog before upgrading to wordpress 3.0. If you think that you can’t upgrade to wordpress 3.0, then take a help from me in upgrading your wordpress blog.

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In the meanwhile do let us know that you upgraded your wordpress blog to 3.0 or not?

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