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[How-To Guide] Install BuddyPress

Already, I have shared how to install WordPress and now in this post I’m sharing how to install BuddyPress.

For those who do not know, BuddyPress is a social networking CMS which bring people together. Some of the uses of BuddyPress are:

  • A campus wide social network for a university, school or college
  • A niche social network for your interest topic
  • A focused social network for your new product.

I will come up more articles on BuddyPress which will help you to get started by building your own social networking site. In this post, I will cover only installation part.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel, go to “Plugins” tab and click on “Add New” (as shown below):


Step2: When you click on “Add New”, it open a new window (as shown below)m now search for the plugin “BuddyPress”.


Step3: Now install “BuddyPress” (as shown below).


Step4: After installing BuddyPress Plugin, you will need to activate this plugin and this will install “BuddyPress” on your WordPress installation.

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