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[How-To Guide] Install Genesis Child Theme From WordPress Dashboard

Genesis WordPress Theme – most popular WordPress Theme because of its SEO features and easy to customize options. The best part of Genesis WordPress Theme is that, it comes with child themes and they offer you to customize it easily. Already I have shared how to install Genesis WordPress Theme and how to install Dynamik Child Theme and now in this post I’m sharing how to install Genesis Child Theme from WordPress Dashboard.

Step1: Log-in into wp-admin panel, go to “Appearance” Tab and click on “Themes” as shown below:


Step2: When you click on “Themes” (step1), it open a new window (shown below), now simply click on “Install Themes”.


Step3: As soon as you click on “Install Themes” (step2), a new window open (shown below) and click on “Upload”.

genesis-child-theme + wordpress + wordpress-theme

Step4: When you click on “Upload” (in step3), a new window open (shown below). Now you have to install Genesis Theme by clicking on “Browse” button. I have already downloaded my copy of Genesis Child Theme, if you did not get your copy of Genesis WordPress Theme, get it now:

Sign-Up Link for Genesis WordPress Theme


Step5: Now browse the place where you have downloaded your copy of Genesis Child Theme and after it select any Child Theme and click on “Install Now” button as shown below (I have already select the Church child theme and now I have to hit only “Install Now” button).


Step6: As soon as you click on “Install Now” button (in step5), it open a new window (shown below). Click on “Activate” to activate Genesis WordPress Theme.


Isn’t it simple, let me know if you have any query and do not forget to follow on Twitter for more tutorials on Genesis WordPress Theme

If you have not get your copy of Genesis WordPress Theme, then get it now:

Sign-Up Link for Genesis WordPress Theme

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