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[How To Guide] Install WordPress On Desktop PC Using WampServer

At WebGuide4U, I have talked a lot about self hosted WordPress and thought that many of you like me (my earlier days) are unfamiliar with WordPress. To make you familiar with WordPress I have come up with this tutorial so that you can test WordPress locally on your PC. So, here is a quick guide which guides you completely on Installing WordPress Locally on your PC.

Step1: First follow this link and download WampServer on your PC.

Step2: As soon as download finishes, click on .exe file and run installation of Wamp Server as shown below (it is a simple software installation, like you install other softwares on your PC – If you have any query let me know via contact form).


Step3: Download WordPress from official site and unzip it. After unzipping the WordPress download, copy WordPress folder and paste the WordPress folder in C:\wamp\www

Step4: If everything works fine (unless you have any problem in installing wamp server), you see a icon in your taskbar as shown below:


Step4: Now open this URL in your browser http://localhost

Step5: Click on “phpmyadmin” (as shown below)


Step6: As soon as you click on “phpmyadmin”, a new window open and now you have to create a new database for WordPress Installation (fill the details as mentioned below):


Step7: After creating database (in step6), open http://lcalhost/wordpress and click on create a configuration file as shown below.


Step8: As soon as you click on “Create a Configuration File”, you see a new window as shown below and click on “Let’s go!”.


Step9: Now fill all the details and click on “Submit” button as shown below:


Step10: As soon as you click on “Submit” button, you see a new window as shown below. Click on “Run the Install” button.


Step11: When you click on “Run the Install” button a new window open. Fill-up all the details as mentioned below and click on “Install WordPress” button.


Step12: When you click on “Install WordPress” (in above step), you see a new window as shown below. Now click on “Log In” button to log-in into wp-admin panel.


Isn’t it too easy to install WordPress locally using Wamp Server. If you have any query let me know via comments and do not forget to follow WebGuide4U on Twitter for more updates on WordPress Tutorials.


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  • WPThemeInfo

    Does it work in Windows 7 ?

    Last time it didn’t work for me when I tried it.

    • @WPThemeInfo: Yes, this works on Windows 7. Give one more shot and you will easily install WordPress locally. If you face any problem let me know.

  • WPThemeInfo

    Ok I will give another try,

    will let you know If I gets any error this time.

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