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[How-To Guide] Install xScape Theme Framework From WordPress Dashboard

WordPress – no doubt most popular blogging platform because it offer lots of plugins and themes. Already I have covered lots of tutorials on WordPress which offer you to get started. Recently I come across Dev4Press which offer xScape Theme Framework with lots of options. This framework powered with AJAX control panel and use jQuery and jQueryUI for best usability experience.

xScape Framework offer some unique and advanced option and allow you to customize it easily without too much knowledge of coding. I will cover more xScape Theme Framework in coming posts. In this post I’m sharing how to install xScape Theme Framework from WordPress dashboard.

Step1: First log-in into Dev4Press account and download FrameFX from here


Step2: After downloading it on your PC, log-in into wp-admin panel, go to “Appearance” tab and click on “Themes” as shown below:


Step3: When you click on “Themes”, it open a new window (shown below) and click on “Install Themes”. install-xscape-theme-framework

Step4: When you click on “Install Themes”, it open a new window (shown below) and click on “upload” navigation menu.


Step5: When you click on “Upload” button, it open a new window (as shown below). Now, you have to browse the theme from your PC and click on “Install” button.


Step6: Congratulations, you have successfully installed Xscape based theme framework from WordPress dashboard.

If you have not purchased any premium theme, then I suggest go for xScape Theme Framework because it has a great customer support.

Sign-Up Link for xScape Theme Framework

Thanking Note

Initially when I get the review copy of xScape Theme Framework I’m unable to install the themes of xScape Framework, then I contact Millan and he helped me in installing xScape Theme Framework and in no time I have installed xScape Theme Framework.

If you have any query do let me know in comment section and do not forget to like on Facebook so that you do not miss any tutorial on Xscape Theme framework.

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  • Hi Vivek, Great Tute as always!. I’m looking for a php script to display related post with tumb image in my blog’s index page, if you find or passed by please do let me know, I dont want to use plugins as my blog is already filled with too many plugins…take care…thanks in advance mate! 🙂

  • Patricia@lavenderoils

    Hi Vivek

    I have come over to your site after you visited my blog and stayed to comment. I always check out a blog before I approve a comment when the commenter is new. I will visit the blog and leave a comment if at all possible.

    I am a complete technophobe so this site is very interesting to me. Maybe I will find some articles that I can understand and implement on my blog 🙂

    Can I make a suggestion. The post on my blog you commented on “Collaboration The New Buzz Word” speaks about lots of different things, but one thing it mentions is how by my collaborating with other bloggers, it has helped move my blog forward.

    One of the communities I am part of is the commluv community. Maybe you could check it out. You will have noticed that at the end of your comment it gives you the option to tick the box and the last post (or 10 posts) come up for you to choose from. This means I am giving you link juice for your blog. Also it means others will see your post and may click over to see what it is about.

    That is how I got many of my visitors to my site when I was frist starting out. Just a suggestion. It is a free plugin and for me it has introduced me to a wonderfully supportive community 🙂

    I also have keywordluv and dofollow too. There will always be debate about losing too much link juice but there are 2 sides to this argument. If you then visit other dofollow, commluv sites they are giving back too. Just my 2 cents.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Thanks Patricia, for stopping by and commenting here. Just found your blog and commented there. Your blog is good and i have already subscribed to your feeds. Would love to come back to your blog.

    • Great Suggestion…Thanks from me too 🙂

      • yes Navin, its a great suggestion. Will look forward to install CommLuv on my blog too

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