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[How-To Guide] Rename “Uncategorized” Category Name In WordPress

After installing WordPress, you will see that WordPress comes with 1 default post, 1 default category (uncategorized) and 1 default comment as shown below:

first post+uncategorized post+wordpress+hostgator+webguide4u

You can easily delete the default post and the default comment but not been able to delete the default category (named as Uncategorized) Why? It is because, when you’re going to publish a new post and forget to assign a category to this post then by default the published post will take “Uncategorized” category and when a reader or visitor sees that it doesn’t look professional and will taint your blog image.

The best way to avoid this error it to rename this uncategorized category to some other name which looks more professional and suits your blog’s niche. Some of the advantages of renaming this uncategorized category are as follows:

1) Search Engines love categories.

2) WordPress turns categories into tags.

3) Easy to count how many posts within the same category.

4) It helps readers to find the related information on that particular topic easily.

This post guides you on how to rename the default uncategorized to some other name (for me the other name is “WebGuide4U” as it is the name of my blog)

Step1: Firstly go to WordPress Dashboard

Step2: Now click on Post and select Categories under it (as shown below).

wordpress+hostgator+webguide4u+rename a category+

Step3: After selecting the categories option, it will direct you to a new page where you’ve to click on edit button to rename a category (as shown below):

uncategorized post+webguide4u+hostgator+rename category+wordpress

Step4: Now you’ll see the edit page. Now simply rename the category to other name you like (for me I’ve renamed it to “WebGuide4U”) and click on “Update” button.

Wordpress+webguide4u+hostgator+rename category

Step5: After clicking on “Update” button your category gets rename to other name (for me its “WebGuide4U”).

webguide4u+wordpress+webhosting+rename category

That’s all you’ve renamed the category in no time and now enjoy fearless blogging. In the meanwhile let me know your thought about the name uncategorized?

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